Breast Cancer Treatment

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Timothy Korytko, MD, Radiation Oncologist, Agnesian Cancer Care

Breast cancer treatment and outcomes have taken great strides over the many decades through improvements in breast cancer awareness and screening, less invasive surgical approaches, genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk and testing of the actual tumor to make treatment decisions, improvement in radiotherapy delivery and a wide variety of chemotherapeutic agents and the drugs needed to help combat the side effects of treatment.  Breast cancer treatment is not the domain of one medical specialty but includes a wide range of medical professionals.  In order to treat the whole patient we need to individualize therapy to every person which means a team approach and a big part of the team is the patient.  The most important part and most cutting edge way to be involved with your care is to consider enrolling on a clinical trial.  Clinical trials are how we have the results today and how we can help future cancer patients.  We currently have clinical trials open for breast cancer genetic testing, breast cancer prevention after diagnosis, radiotherapy treatment, and chemotherapy treatment available at Agnesian Cancer Care Services.



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Agnesian HealthCare Cancer Care Services brings cancer care closer to cancer patients. With offices in Fond du Lac, Ripon, and Waupun, there is no need to travel far to get the most advanced technology and treatment.

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