The Best YOU!

by Kate Krantz, PT, COMT

In my role as a Physical Therapist, I frequently discuss weight concerns and general health with women of all ages.  I am not a dietitian or physician, but I am a woman who loves chocolate and sweets and struggles to maintain a healthy weight!

For me, at the age of 35 I was feeling slow and heavy and having a hard time keeping up with my growing kids.  I decided to spend 1 year working on “feeling better.”  I went outside in January and ran 100 feet and thought I might die!  But in 1 month I was running 1 mile and had started riding my bicycle on a trainer in my house when I did not feel like going outside.  I did not change my diet drastically, but committed to eating a healthy breakfast every morning.

In 6 months I completed my first triathlon and had lost 10# without even thinking about it.  I found that as my endurance and health improved, I craved less sweets and more lean proteins, water and fruits.  By the end of the year I was down 20# and felt great.  I was really enjoying my family, had more energy for my work, and found it easier to make time for my spouse and all aspects of my life.

I then got pregnant and went through another phase of body changes!  But now am looking forward to returning to that time to myself and that lifestyle that promoted a healthier, happier, more productive Me.  Please be kind to yourself and think about what it means to be healthy to you.  Do not listen to the magazines and the sales pitches.  Life is rich, and the best You will be able to reap all it has to offer.

There are some basic truths – regular exercise, good nutrition and hydration, good rest, and Fun are all needed to be “healthy.”  Notice there is no mention of guilt or torture in this list!  Find activities that you enjoy that get your heart rate up, explore foods that you like that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and make goals about enjoying your life – you only get one.

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