Women with Cancer: Looking and Feeling Good

Michael Jones 3/4Although being diagnosed with cancer is unexpected, the changes to your body can be just as shocking. Women may experience hair loss, brittle fingernails, skin discoloration, and weight loss or gain. To feel good about yourself it is important to care for you appearance. By following the tips I have outlined below, you will be well on your way to a more confident you!

  1. Get enough rest. It is so important to give your body enough rest in order to effectively fight the cancer cells. Undergoing treatment and taking medicine that makes you sick puts a lot of strain on your body. Make sure to give it a break! I would recommend 8-10 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Have clothes altered to fit your body. You may lose or gain weight during this time, so make sure your clothes fit you! You will feel much better in clothes that properly fit instead of drowning in your t-shirts or spilling out of your jeans.
  3. Keep up with regular habits. Make sure you continue your normal grooming habits. With everything around you seeming to change, this will help you feel and look good! Even if you are in a bed or chair, have someone help you do your make-up, paint your nails, or curl your hair.
  4. Pamper yourself. You deserve to have a massage, foot rub, facial, or mani/pedi! Make sure you are treating yourself right and rewarding yourself.
  5. Buy a wig. The Agnesian Health Shoppe offers wig fittings in a private room for your convenience. Wigs come in many different colors, styles, and lengths. If you feel that a wig is not for you, we also offer feminine scarves and hats.

According to Dr. Michael Jones, Medical Oncologist at the Agnesian Cancer Center, “Patients at the Agnesian Cancer Center can take part in a free American Cancer Society program called Look Good Feel Better.  Look Good Feel Better empowers women to feel good about themselves and gives them access to free beauty tips and sessions with local cosmetologists.”

The Agnesian Health Shoppe also has many resources to help make your transition more comfortable. To schedule an appointment at our Health Shoppe call (920)926-5277.  For more information about our Cancer Center visit us at www.agnesian.com/cancer  or call us at (920) 926-4100.



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