Spring IS Coming!

86494467Despite the snow and the ice that remain…spring officially arrived Wednesday, March 20!

In addition to the start of spring, there are many national observances (see below) regarding outdoor activity and walking. Please note them on your calendars.

As a reminder, we are all to strive to do 10,000 steps in a day. If you are currently at 5,000 steps, try to increase that by a 1,000 a week. Challenge yourself to get closer to that desired 10,000 steps.

A great way to keep track is to use a pedometer. There are many styles out there; a Fit Bit is one. Weight Watchers also has an activity monitor they endorse. Whatever you chose to use, just get out and walk (or stay indoors on the treadmills)! If you don’t want any fancy equipment to track your steps, just use a mile as your guide (5,280 feet equals one mile). Find your stride length on-line by going to Walk4Life.com and use their handy stride length calculator.

You can also watch a video on how to calculate your stride length by clicking the link below.


Now get out there and celebrate these dates!

March 30 – National Take a Walk in the Park Day!

April 3 – National Walking Day

April 24 – National Take a Walk at Work Day

April 21 to 29 – Free entrance to national parks this week! So incorporate your new walking schedule into one in the great outdoors!

About Janelle Baldwin

Janelle Baldwin is a physical therapist assistant (PTA) and lead fitness trainer for Agnesian HealthCare’s on-site fitness center, called the ZONE. She is a certified weight trainer (CWT), a strength and conditioning specialist (STS) and a certified strength and conditioning instructor (CSCI). Her 15 years of professional experience ranges from home care and work hardening/conditioning with the Agnesian HealthCare Sports, Spine & Work Center for many years to her role as a certified personal trainer; teaching fitness classes for which she is trained and certified for and maintaining the on-site fitness facility.

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