What types of foods should I eat to stay heart healthy?

SantaCruz ColorBy: Richard Santa-Cruz, MD, Cardiologist with the Dale Michels Center for Heart Care

In addition to exercising, improving your diet is an important step to take to improve your heart health. But, I understand that changing your diet is easier said than done. It is unrealistic for me to think that all my patients are going to rearrange their lifestyles in order to be heart healthy, which is why I have outlined a version of “eat this instead of that.” Incorporating the foods below will put you on the right track to becoming heart healthy.

Eat more

  • Healthy fats – raw nuts, olive oil, fish oil, flax seeds and avocado
  • Nutrients – fruits and vegetables
  • Fiber –  cereals, breads, and pasta made from whole grains or legumes
  • Omega 3  – fish and shellfish
  • Calcium  – egg whites, egg substitutes, skim or 1 percent milk, low-fat or nonfat cheeses or yogurt

Eat less

  • Trans fats or any hydrogenated  oils
  • Canned, processed foods
  • White refined pasta, bread or rice
  • Fried or fatty meats like chicken tenders and fatty steak
  • Whole milk

It is important for both men and women to protect themselves against heart disease. Your body will be better off if you make a conscious effort to choose healthier food! Try cooking at home, substitute with low fat and low sodium options, and reduce the use of canned or processed food in meals.

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