Part II: You’re BUSTED! Breast cancer myths exposed, or are they really myths?

Breast Cancer RibbonWritten by: Stacy Hammack, Senior Mammography Technologist, RT (R)(M) at Ripon Medical Center

I have been on birth control pills forever! This will for sure increase my risk of breast cancer.

Fact: Some studies from the 90s have shown that birth control use slightly increases your risk of breast cancer. Evidence is not strong enough for healthcare providers to recommend that women stop taking birth control pills. However, a patient would need to discuss with their provider their risk factors before determining if birth control is a good choice from them.

No! Stop! Don’t drink out of that water bottle! It can cause breast cancer, right?

Fact: There is not enough evidence to make a correlation between drinking from plastic bottles and increased risk of breast cancer. But, if you are concerned, drink from a BPA-free plastic bottle or choose bottles with a 1, 2, 4 or 5 in the recycling symbol on the bottom.

My girlfriend has implants; she will for sure get breast cancer.

Fact: Breast implants do not cause breast cancer. However, breast implants do make detection of breast cancer more difficult. Patients with breast implants do require extra mammographic views which mammography technologists are trained in performing. Instead of the normal four views for a bilateral mammogram, breast implant patients require eight views of their breasts.

I heard that women with smaller breasts are more likely to get breast cancer.

Fact: There is no connection between the size of your breast and your risk of breast cancer.


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