The Role of the Breast Health Coordinator

Care NavigationWritten by: Patti Domask, RN, BSN, Breast Health Coordinator, Waupun Memorial Hospital

Breast cancer treatment involves several healthcare providers, which, at times, can become confusing for patients. A breast health coordinator, or navigator, serves as a consistent presence through the entire course of care – assessing the physical, psychological and social needs of the patient. This means that a woman from the very beginning – from the point of an abnormal mammogram – will have someone available to her throughout the entire course of treatment and into survivorship. The breast health coordinator is present during a breast biopsy, assisting the medical imaging staff and the radiologist. When the biopsy reveals a cancer, the patient needs to navigate down a path that may seem scary and lonely. The breast health coordinator becomes that advocate for women to help navigate her through the maze of physicians and appointments, and provides teaching for her and her family. The breast health coordinator can attend doctor appointments and treatment appointments, if needed, and will continue to follow up as needed by the patient. This is a complimentary service provided to Agnesian HealthCare patients.

The breast health coordinator builds a trusting relationship with patients and is there to educate, support, assess and triage patients, ensuring that the patient receives the best care.  It is a privilege to walk with someone with a breast cancer diagnosis and be there throughout her journey.

Breast health coordinators at St. Agnes Hospital are: Kay Groeschl and Lisa Michels. Patti Domask is the breast health coordinator at Waupun Memorial Hospital.


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