Timely Reminders: Humor

Humor for the Health of It

Did you know that the average preschooler laughs 400 times a day, and by age 35 that drops to 15 times a day? Did you know that every time you have a good laugh you burn 3.5 calories? Laughter and humor have many great benefits for both our personal and work life.

Physiological Benefits of Humor

Increases heart rate/circulation

• Stimulates respiratory activity

• Decreases blood pressure

• Improves digestion

• Secretes catecholamines (alertness hormones)

• Secretes endorphins

• Reduces stress hormones (cortisol)

• Boosts the immune system

Psychological Benefits of Humor

• Allows expression of hostility/anger in acceptable ways

• Decreases anxiety, tension and stress

• Opens lines of communication

• Keeps one alert and in the present moment

• Allows healthy avoidance/distraction from crisis/issue at hand

• Facilitates creativity/learning

• Reframes situations (different perspective)

• Provides balance in life

Workplace Benefits of Humor

• Humor breaks up boredom and fatigue

• Humor makes the workplace a desirable place to be

• Helps bond co-workers together

• Improves productivity (if you enjoy what you are doing, you do it better)

• Decreases tension, improves communication and promotes creativity

Ways to Increase Laughter in Your Life

• Watch funny television shows/ movies

Collect cartoons

• Join e-mail joke services

• Exaggerate your tough situations

• Make a point of getting those close to you to laugh each day

• Laugh at yourself

• Watch children play, talk

• Props – bubbles, games, etc.

Humor in the Workplace Tips

• Stress ball (no throwing!)

• Joke calendars

• Humor board

• Name the office equipment and talk to it

• Bubbles, toys, coloring books

• Meetings – hats, sunglasses, Silly Putty

• Start meetings with a video or music

Humor in the Workplace – What is OK?

• Think of the message

• Know your audience

• Leave serious topics alone – anything that could be painful to someone

• Be careful of politics

• When in doubt, leave it out

• Think “Seinfeld,” not “The Office” “Jokes of the proper kind, properly told, can do more to enlighten questions of politics, philosophy and literature, than any number of dull arguments.” – Isaac Asimov

For additional assistance with personal or work issues, contact Agnesian HealthCare’s Work and Wellness Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (800) 458-8183. 

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