Parents and Impact on Sun Exposure: Part II

Sun Safe Soccer tentsWritten by: Ann Sorgent RN, BSN  Clinical Supervisor

Last week, we discussed the findings of a recent study comparing the rates of sun protection practices employed by parents of young children in Australia. The study determined that parents of children born in the latter group to parents who had been educated in skin safe practices were more likely to use sunscreen and protective clothing, and that as a result, the development of melanocytic nevi in children from the latter group was reduced. This finding is important because development of melanocytic nevi (acquired ‘moles’) is a key determinant of skin cancer risk.

According to Michael Jones, MD, a medical oncologist with the Agnesian Cancer Center and father of five young children, parents can impact their children’s risk of developing sun damage to the skin not only by protecting their skin when young, but also by laying the foundation for sun-safe behavior in the future.  “A young child who grows up accustomed to applying sunscreen, wearing skin protective clothing and hats, and limiting his/her exposure to the sun will carry these healthy habits into the future.”

As a healthcare organization committed to the health and well-being of our community, Agnesian HealthCare is playing an integral role in limiting sun exposure and educating parents and coaches in the community regarding sun-safe practices, by donating a total of 100 tents to area schools and organizations.  Perhaps you have seen our tents out on soccer and baseball fields as well as at community events?

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