Timely Reminders: Resilience

Resilience in psychology is defined as “the mental ability to recover quickly from change, stress, depression, illness or misfortune” (wikipedia). At some time, all humans are impacted by some type of misfortune or change that challenges our resilience. Resilience is one of the ingredients that differentiates people who take a victim mentality from those with a survivor/thrive attitude.

The question is, how do we develop better resilience so we recover quickly from setbacks, not dwell on the negative, and find joy even when there are problems in our life?

Some Tips for Resilience

• Develop strong connections with others who can offer you support.

• Find humor in situations, or at least find something to laugh about on a daily basis.

• Problem solve by looking at how you overcame hardships in the past. What helped last time, and can you invoke some of those same tools this time?

• Maintain hope that things will improve. Even if it’s not in your time frame, most problems do improve.

• Keep up your usual routine of healthy foods, exercise and adequate sleep.

• Take charge of what is in your control. For example, you might be diagnosed with an illness but ask yourself what you can do. You can research options, get support and follow healthy lifestyle choices, including finding time to relax.

• Set daily goals that are small enough to be accomplished each day. This will help you find success each and every day.

For additional information or assistance with developing resilience, please contact the Employee Assistance Program.

For additional assistance with personal or work concerns, contact Agnesian HealthCare’s Work and Wellness Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (800) 458-8183.

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