Golf – Want to be injury free with lower scores?


Golf is one of the higher injury-producing sports played in the United States. One would think hitting a little ball with a club wouldn’t cause that many injuries.  However, there is a tremendous amount of force traveling through the body to project that little bar further. Elbow injuries are the most common among amateur golfers, closely followed by the low back and shoulders.

Why so many injuries? Generally, overuse, poor mechanics and decreased mobility are the culprits; however, lack of off-season training and conditioning almost certainly guarantees an injury.  With today’s golf equipment promoting higher swing speeds, it’s even more important for the amateur golfer to prepare for their rounds.

A golf performance program that incorporates a trained practitioner in golf fitness and a PGA teaching professional not only can help decrease injuries but has been shown to improve a golfer’s game. Studies show that increasing a golfer’s mobility, joint range of motion and strength can add length to their drives, lower their scores AND decrease injuries. A comprehensive golf performance program should include a swing analysis and flexibility assessment along with a functional training program.  The practitioner will help increase your mobility and strength through various exercises. The PGA professional will teach you how to utilize your improved fitness to better your scores. Get involved in a golf performance program today and see those scores start dropping by the end of the summer!

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