Life Lesson #1: Get your battery checked

Car ProblemsIt’s a hot day in July and I was out mowing the lawn. I was about to start weed eating when my phone rang. I was my daughter; her car had stalled at a busy intersection on a Friday afternoon. She was crying and frantic asking what she should do. I asked her what happened and she explained that as she turned the corner her car just stopped working. I replied, did you have the battery checked like I asked you to a few weeks ago. No I forgot she stated. At that point I figured she needed to get a new battery.  I rushed to a local auto parts store and asked for help finding a battery fast. I explained that my daughter was stranded on a busy intersection and her battery was dead. As he went to get what I needed I looked down and noticed that I still had my lawn mowing clothes on and my feet were green. I must have been a real site. The man that was helping me asked if I had anyone who could help me put it in. I said “you just lift the hood and take out the old one and put in the new one”. “How hard could it be”? He laughed and said “sorry it’s not that easy”. This type of car has the battery located in the trunk under the spare tire.  At that point I had no clue where to begin.

As began to pay for the battery, I explained that my husband usually took care of the car issues but he died a few years earlier (6.5).   I laughed and said I knew nothing about batteries but he did teach me and my daughter how to change a tire.  The man who was helping me said “just a moment” He turned and asked one of his employees if he had time to go along with me and help me install a new battery. To my surprise the employee said he would be happy to. So off we went to rescue my daughter.  Everything worked out and she was on her way to work.

After the death of my husband I became very self-sufficient, I thought I could take care of anything that came my way. It just goes to show you that sometimes you have to accept a little help just to get you through the day.  I want to say “Thank You” to the two wonderful guys who came to my daughters rescue that one hot day in July.

TIP: Remember to get your battery checked every five years.

About Dawn Rehrauer

Dawn is a Bereavement Counselor, and co-founder of Grief Relief, at Agnesian HealthCare. She has been working in this area for five years. She is passionate about helping those that have lost a significant person in their lives through their grieving process. Dawn can be reached by emailing

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    Thanks for the great article! Great tips!

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