Quick Tips to Reduce Carpal Tunnel Symptoms at Work

thin keyboardI recently read a newsletter (Ergopoints E-newsletter) on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and thought it would be good to share. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pain, weakness, tingling and/or numbness of the thumb, index and middle fingers that occurs when the median nerve gets compressed at the wrist. Repetitive movements and prolonged awkward postures may produce or increase symptoms.

Here are three tips to reduce symptoms while at work:

  1. Do not use keyboard legs to raise the back of the keyboard. Adjustable legs often put your wrists in extended position and may cause your wrist to rest on a firm surface.
  2. Use a thin keyboard. Traditional keyboards are 1-2” thick, transitioning to a thinner keyboard (1/4- to ½- inch) will put your wrist in a neutral position.
  3. Replace your traditional mouse with a “thumbs up” mouse that keeps the wrist in a neutral position. 

thumbs up mouseSee your primary care provider for the proper diagnosis and other treatment measures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (including Occupational Therapy, night splints, icing and stretching).


About Sarah Schultz

Sarah is a Licensed Athletic Trainer at Sports, Spine and Work Center. She provides Athletic Training services at Campbellsport High School and provides Industrial Services to the community through WorkSTEPS testing, the Work Hardening Program and doing ergonomic evaluations. She is an avid cyclist and barefoot runner. Sarah’s other interests include dynamic stretching, core strengthening, rehabilitation, muscle recovery techniques, and sports nutrition.

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