Keys to breastfeeding success: Part Three

087p0306llWritten by: Jojean DeMaa, Lactation Consultant

Agnesian HealthCare is proud of our high breastfeeding initiation rate.  85% of women who deliver their babies at Agnesian HealthCare start breastfeeding as compared to the national average of 76.9% in 2009. The trend to exclusively breastfeed, especially with the need to return to work is a struggle many moms are confronted with. Our lactation consultants can give practical advice on how to handle back-to-work issues. Attending one of the breastfeeding support groups is encouraged, even if you are not a group kind of person. Moms gain a boost of confidence; practical lactation management with age appropriate information. It is a comfortable, relaxed place to practice breastfeeding, gain knowledge from professionals and have peer support.

Back-to-work issues are often discussed at group. Any employer with more than 50 employees must allow their employee ample pumping time and the place to express their breastmilk while at work. Milk making depends on milk removal. The more frequently milk is removed, the more milk a mother’s body makes. The benefits of breastfeeding spill over to the employer. There are less frequent absenteeism of the employee because their babies are sick less; and fewer insurance claims to pay. It is a win-win situation. Supporting mother’s to pump when back to work is very important.



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