Depression Awareness

National Depression Screening Month

Depression is very common due to our hectic lifestyles and increased demands that are placed upon us. If left untreated, research indicates that depression may contribute to cardiac concerns and diabetes. The good news is that depression is treatable.

Key Indicators of Depression

• Persistent sadness, anxiety or feeling “empty”

• Sleeping too little or too long, early morning awakenings

• Reduced or increased appetite

• Weight loss or gain

• Restlessness, keyed up or irritable

• Fatigue or low energy

• Thoughts of self-harm, including suicide

Treatment Options

Various treatment options are available depending on the severity of your depression. Treatment can include: good nutrition, exercise, meditation, counseling and medication. Discuss your symptoms with your physician, healthcare professional or counselor to obtain the best plan for yourself.

For further information or to participate in a free on-line depression screening, visit Click on the box “confidential depression screening” until you find the disclaimer page which will have the final link at the bottom of the page.

For a free and confidential evaluation, call Agnesian HealthCare’s Work and Wellness Employee Assistance Program.

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