Fall and winter training

fall runningWith steam coming off the lake in the morning, it’s clear that fall is probably here.  With it can come a decrease in training and meals full of those amazing calorie filled comfort foods and a season of arm-chair quarterbacking.

Don’t let your fitness slip away this year as your “off-season” begins. You worked too hard through the spring and summer to get that winter weight off, finish that 5k or bike that 50 miles to quit now. Take advantage of your summer fitness and continue to pound the pavement. The gains you can make from October through December will carry over into next year. It’s much better than stepping on the bathroom scale on January 1 with a look of horror or lacing up the shoes only to realize that injury you finished your season with last year didn’t go away on its own.

Instead be pro-active. If you have a nagging injury, see your family provider. If you’re a runner, pick up some warmer clothes and keep ramping up the mileage.  Pick up an indoor trainer for your bike. Join a gym and meet with a performance specialist. Set some goals and meet them. Bottom line – change your thinking. October is no longer the start of the “off-season;” it’s now the start of your 2014 training.

Five steps to keep moving:

  1. Using a calorie tracking app on a smartphone to track your nutrition like myfitnesspal.com.
  2. Make sure your post workout meals are within reason. Even if you burned 1,000 calories on a run, that Big Mac extra value meal is 1,300 to 1,500 calories.
  3. Sign up for a Turkey Trot.
  4. Do some cross training. If you’re a runner, try biking or find a nice park to go for a run. A place that gives you shelter from the wind and some winding trails is perfect.
  5. Eat about 200 calories that’s high in protein before the family meal; this should keep you from over indulging. Never “top off” your tank.

What are you getting ready for?


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