Part One: Parents as partners in safety

WMH Women & Infants Unit Tour 24

We consider your care and the care and protection of your infant to be our highest priority. We seek your partnership.

At the time of delivery, two identification bands with black numbers will be placed on your baby’s wrist and ankle. An identical band will be placed on the mother and the father or other support person. These bands will also contain the mother’s name, time of delivery, sex, and delivering doctor’s name. Each time you receive your baby from the nursery and again upon discharge from the hospital, you will be asked to show your band and verify with the nurse, that all numbers match exactly.

Do not give your baby to someone or provide information about your baby to anyone without the appropriate identification badge. Only a nurse with the Women & Infants’ Unit identification badge should inform you if it is necessary for your baby to leave the room for a test or procedure. If you have a question, call your nurse.

Never leave your baby unattended. Always have your baby in the bassinet next to you. If you leave the room, take your baby in the bassinet with you. If you need assistance, please call your nurse. Babies should never be carried in anyone’s arms outside of your room. Babies should be transported in bassinets only by individuals who have been banded. Please do not leave the nursing unit with your baby until you and the baby are discharged. We ask that visitors to you and your baby be free of illness and there should not be more than two visitors at a time in the room. They should also wash their hands before touching the baby.

While we are pleased to offer this additional measure of security, it is important to remember that no device can take the place of constant attention by all of us. Together as partners we can work to provide a safe environment for you and your baby.

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