Breast cancer awareness: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s statement regarding the guidelines for screening mammography and breast self-exams

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing MammogramYou may have heard in the news over the last couple of years, recommendations made by the United States Preventive Services Task Force for screening mammography only for women over age 50 and then only every other year.

The USPSTF considers mammography not necessary for women age 40-49 because only one woman’s life is saved out of every 1,900 women screened.  In women age 50-59, one woman’s life is saved out of every 1,300 women screened.

At Agnesian HealthCare, we believe that all women may be at risk for breast cancer and every woman deserves the chance to discover it early and have the best medical outcome.

Specialists at our facility have treated many women in their 40’s with breast cancer. Many in this group had cancers that presented on mammography only and if they had not been detected early, may have resulted in worse prognoses and altered survival rates.

Decisions regarding a woman’s care should be based on all available resources, such as, research, family history, risk factors, and other potential indicators. Women need to discuss timing and frequency of mammography with their primary care provider.

The providers and other healthcare professionals at Agnesian HealthCare consider all forms of cancer devastating. Our mission, as with other reputable institutions, is to save as many lives as possible through early detection.

About Lisa Michels

Lisa Michels, APNP, nurse practitioner, works collaboratively with the Agnesian Cancer Care team helping patients effectively manage symptoms associated with their cancer treatments. She also works with Agnesian HealthCare surgeons and radiologists to identify individuals at increased risk for breast and other cancers. Her passion is in early detection and prevention of breast cancer, as well as monitoring the status of breast cancer survivors.

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