Are you skipping the most important part of your workout

5160282Your training program is designed to tear you down so that you can recover stronger, faster and in better condition. All of those positive changes occur after you have finished your exercises. To see the best results and to prepare your body for your next workout session, regeneration is important.

Regeneration consists of activities and nutritional strategies that maximize physical and mental recovery. Things – such as stretching, myofascial release and easy aerobic exercise – all enhance recovery. Nutrition is equally important.  Proper post exercise nutrition will provide the body with the right components needed to promote recovery and build muscle.

After you have finished your training session, make a point to stretch, especially those areas you just worked. Use a fitness stick or a foam roll to massage the areas as well. Then grab a glass of chocolate milk, a yogurt or an apple with some peanut butter to provide the protein and carbs your body is craving for the rebuilding process. Instead of working out hard every day, make sure to build in at least a day a week of easy cardio and stretching. You will increase the blood flow to the muscles with out tearing them down. Your body will thank you for it and next weeks workouts will go much better. Implement these recovery strategies and get the proper amount of sleep to greatly enhance your training program.

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