Indoor Workouts for the Winter Months

winter workoutThe cold weather is here, and you have no intention running through the snow and cold to stay in shape. What is the best way to keep your body from hibernating this winter? Should you workout out at home or join a gym?

Each has their pros and cons. Equipment is a big positive for joining a fitness club.  Most facilities offer a multitude of commercial grade equipment each worth the price of a week’s vacation. Paying a monthly fee may make it easier to get in the car and workout out there.

On the downside, it’s an extra expense during the holiday season. Working out at home can be a great alternative. There is no need to drive anywhere and you don’t have to worry what you look like. Unfortunately that proximity also makes it easy to get distracted by household chores.

If you are looking at joining a gym, make sure it has the kind of environment you are interested in working out in. Check to see if the equipment is clean and well taken care of. Ask if they offer personal training sessions and what type of education or certification the staff members have.

If you choose to work out at home you can still meet with someone to discuss a home program. They should easily be able to create a program for you regardless of where you workout or what type of equipment you have. As a minimum you should invest in a small set of dumbbells, a flat bench and a physioball. It doesn’t take much to burn calories in the comfort of your own home.

Regardless of what path you choose the key is to keep moving, schedule your workouts and post on Facebook that you doing them. Then when your friends start asking how it’s going, you will be sure to stick with it.

What do you do to stay active despite the cold weather?

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