Indoor Winter Workout Series: An Introduction

5326099-2400x1600Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing video of some great indoor exercises.  Some will require dumbbells, some may only require the floor. When put together they will give you a complete workout to keep you moving all winter.

Before the series starts, let’s talk about the workout plan. For best results, we will be shying away from the training most people remember growing up with. Instead of doing one exercise, waiting a couple of minutes, then repeating it two to six times, we are going to utilize super sets and circuits. A superset pairs two exercises together. Typically they work opposite muscle groups. In doing so, they allow you to keep your heart rate up and get through things faster with better results when it comes to weight loss. The same goes for circuits. Circuits just combine a bunch of exercises that you move through with very little rest. If you goal is tone up, get stronger without putting on large amounts of muscle and be done in the fraction of the time, this type of routine is for you.

Put the exercises from video series together and starting with two sets of 12.  If you prefer less counting set your watch for 30-second intervals. Work hard for 30 seconds, rest for 30.  Repeat all the exercises two times. After three weeks add a third set, or switch to the progressions shown in the videos.

Our goal here is to work out moderately hard, keep moving and burn a ton of calories by working more than one muscle group at a time. This functional workout series for your home gym will make you sweat.

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