Back to Basics: Part Two

winter workoutIf you’re a busy women who works outside the home and needs some help fitting a workout into your busy life especially during the holidays…here are a few specific exercises for you!  Last month you established the habit, 90-150 minutes of cardio in a week and some arm and leg exercise 5-10 minutes daily, alternating body parts.  You can do these exercises without any equipment, anywhere and anytime!  If you have kids of any age, a spouse or are single make it a family affair or a personal challenge to help you reduce stress and start the New Year off right!   You can also do these exercises at work, and get them in during your work day instead of another thing to do at the end of the day.

How to do it?

  • Exercises should be performed in a safe, controlled manner – are you feeling it? Where?  Are you working to fatigue?
  • Correct form and breathing techniques are very important
  • A good beginning repetition range is 10-15 reps – fatigue is the best indicator of a set, verses simply counting reps.
  • A good beginning set range is 1-3 sets
  • Rest periods should range from 30 seconds – 90 seconds, depending on the amount of fatigue you have in a set.

The 4 components to a workout balanced:

  • Strengthening – 2-3 days a week (resistance can be body weight, gravity, water, weights, weighted bars, bands)
  • Cardiovascular – weekly 90 minutes to start,150 to maintain your weight,300 minutes to lose weight (30 minutes of cardio(x) 7 = 210 minutes to start and increase to 300 if you are not losing the weight you want to, obviously proper calories and portions apply)
  • Stretching – daily
  • Balance – 2-3 days, advancing – add to every workout

Exercises for a basic gravity and body weight home program

  1. Squat – ¼ and work to full, use a chair for balance
  2. Lunge – Forward, Backward, alternate forward and backward
  3. Wall sit
  4. Modified push-up (knees bent), wall – single or double leg stance
  5. Push ups – start at the wall, work to bent knee on the floor, military style
  6. Elbow or dolphin plank (side plank transition)
  7. Super person – lift arms and legs together
  8. Abdominal crunch
  9. Bicycle crunch

Tips to advance the workout:

  • For a more intense (intermediate) workout add these exercises between sets: Brisk walk/jog, Jumping jacks, High knees, Jump rope, Line jumps, Stairs, High jumps, Marching in place, Burpees
  • Hold free weights in your hands for appropriate exercises


About Janelle Baldwin

Janelle Baldwin is a physical therapist assistant (PTA) and lead fitness trainer for Agnesian HealthCare’s on-site fitness center, called the ZONE. She is a certified weight trainer (CWT), a strength and conditioning specialist (STS) and a certified strength and conditioning instructor (CSCI). Her 15 years of professional experience ranges from home care and work hardening/conditioning with the Agnesian HealthCare Sports, Spine & Work Center for many years to her role as a certified personal trainer; teaching fitness classes for which she is trained and certified for and maintaining the on-site fitness facility.

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