What you need to know about stair lifts?

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Do you find it difficult to go up and down the stairs again and again each day? While stair lifts help individuals with handicaps effectively manage their mobility at home, these lifts are for anyone. Stair lifts, when installed in a person’s home, will help take them up and down their stairs safely, comfortably and effortlessly. Stair lifts can be configured to almost any stairway, and installation can be completed within a few hours with minimum disruption to a person’s home.

To choose the right stair lift, you will look at a person’s specific circumstances and consider a stair lift with the features that will benefit them best. The Agnesian Health Shoppe and its rehab specialists can help with free home stair lift assessments.



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Debbie Dvoracheck, LPN, WWC, is a Business Development Associate with the Agnesian Health Shoppe. If you have questions regarding home medical equipment or the Agnesian Health Shoppe, please contact the Health Shoppe at (920) 926-5277, or visit agnesianhealthshoppe.com

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