Did you know that most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom?

Tub Rail

For older adults or anyone with limited mobility, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Wet, slippery floors and sharp corners can cause serious injury and even death.

Concerned individuals can add simple bathroom equipment to increase safety and easy access while in the bathroom. And, there are safety products, like a transfer bench, which will allow the user to be seated while getting into the tub and safely swing their legs over the side tub. Incorporating grab bars in the bathroom will assist the person to safely lower themselves into the water. A tub lift is a great product when a person still wants to take a tub bath. The tub lift has a controller that will gently take them from a seated position down into the tub water and then lift them back up out of the tub water.

There is further assistance for individuals and their families to take advantage of, as specialists are available to help with safety assessments, as well as appropriate safety products.

The Agnesian Health Shoppe is available for such needs by calling (920) 926-5277 or visit us at www.agnesianhealthshoppe.com.


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