Puppy Love Series Part 1 – Dating in the teenage years

Puppy Love 3Relationships in the teenage years are simultaneously thrilling and devastating.  Follow our four-part blog about “Puppy Love.”

When should teenagers start dating?

Even though girls and guys begin to pair up as early as the sixth grade, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to date. At age 12 and 13, you should probably feel completely overwhelmed and clueless about dating. That is because you’re not supposed to know much! Girls and guys at this age don’t date, but may go around in a pack together. Meeting at someone’s house with a large group is a safe way to begin to think about dating issues without jumping in too soon.

Kids have more fun and end up less heartbroken when they wait until at least the age of 15 to start to date. This may sound kind of old to you, but your emotional mind is more mature and better able to interact at this age. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to your crush on the phone or Internet (be safe with the Internet and don’t give your number or address to people you do not know in person).

About Beth Rogers-Doll PhD

Beth graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology, is Board-Certified in Psychology and works at Doll & Associates. She works with adolescents, adults, families and couples utilizing a cognitive-behavioral and family systems approach. Areas of expertise include anxiety disorders (Panic, OCD, PTSD, and other trauma-related problems), depression, self-injury, eating disorders, trichotillomania (hair pulling) and marital distress. Also trained in executive coaching and career development, she helps professionals achieve their full potential.

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