Puppy Love Part II: What is a reasonable dating relationship for people ages 15 to 18?

Puppy Love 2Relationships in the teenage years are simultaneously thrilling and devastating. Follow our four-part blog about “Puppy Love.”

What is a reasonable dating relationship for people ages 15 to 18?

  • Date on the weekends (but not every day).
  • Depending on your parents’ rules, you might do homework together during the week or attend each other’s sports games.
  • Talk on the Internet at reasonable hours (that doesn’t mean midnight).
  • Talk on the phone when you can, but don’t let it interfere with important things.
  • Even though you feel serious about one another, still reserve time away with just your friends.
  • Always seek balance in all your activities, and don’t give up your sports, your parents, your music and hobbies.
  • If people give you hints that you are obsessed with your boyfriend/girlfriend, listen carefully and try to adjust things.
  • Don’t put all your hopes and dreams into this relationship; remember this is just practice for later in life.

 This is part two of four in the “Puppy Love” blog series. If you missed our previous posting, please visit http://ingoodhealthfdl.agnesian.com/category/know-go/behavioral-health/.

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Beth graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology, is Board-Certified in Psychology and works at Doll & Associates. She works with adolescents, adults, families and couples utilizing a cognitive-behavioral and family systems approach. Areas of expertise include anxiety disorders (Panic, OCD, PTSD, and other trauma-related problems), depression, self-injury, eating disorders, trichotillomania (hair pulling) and marital distress. Also trained in executive coaching and career development, she helps professionals achieve their full potential.

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