Puppy Love Part III: Can teenagers really fall in love?

Puppy Love 1Relationships in the teenage years are simultaneously thrilling and devastating. Follow our four-part blog about “Puppy Love.”

Can teenagers really fall in love?

Teenage love tends to be a little exaggerated. No wonder – movies and TV shows tell you that falling in love is the most important step in your life, even though there are tons of things more important! It is normal to feel attraction very intensely in the first few years you start having feelings for others. No matter how strong your feelings are, always remember that you are in the beginning stages of love – a dress rehearsal for your life in the 20s. Technically speaking, you should not be trying to meet the “love of your life” when you’re a teenager.

Older teens who are 17 and 18 and in a serious relationship (more than a year) can start feel love for one another. It can be the kind of love that is unselfish and understanding, but is not typically the kind of love that can support a marriage. College and job plans after high school can be nerve-wracking when trying to keep that high school love somewhere in the plans.  Your parents will probably tell you to make plans that advance your personal dreams versus your relationship.  This is smart advice. Try to take it. If this love relationship is truly ”meant to be,” college won’t kill it off!

This is part three of four in the “Puppy Love” blog series. If you missed our previous postings, please visit http://ingoodhealthfdl.agnesian.com/category/know-go/behavioral-health/.

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