In The Springtime of Your Grief

spring flowersIt has been such a long winter this year, the never-ending snow, subzero weather reports and the gale force winds. I have never looked forward to getting spring fever as much as I have this year. I long to stand in my kitchen window and see the first flowers of spring peek through the brown grass left behind from the long winter. Spring is a time that brings warmth and sunshine back into our lives. It’s a new beginning; a time to get a fresh start. What better way than to throw back the curtains, pull up the blinds and open the window in and let in the warm fresh spring air and let out the winter blues.

Spring comes quietly sometimes; we may not ever notice it is here. We take for granted that the sun comes up every morning as we rush to get our busy day started. We only notice the dirty snow melting from the roadsides and the salt left behind on our cars. We need to take a moment every day and just step outside and breathe in the freshness of spring air. Once the trees start to open their buds and the tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths arrive with all there bright glory, it is hard not to stop and take notice that spring is finally here. The warm spring air carries the sounds of birds singing and a freshness that takes me back to my childhood lying in the grass under the apple tree with my best friend.  We begin to feel that change in the air; we notice that our mood is beginning to change as the days get longer.

We may experience the feeling of renewal and hope. The darkness of our grief may begin to lighten. As the chill of winter warms into the freshness of spring you may feel your sorrow being replaced by a warm sensation in your heart. It is normal to want to release the pain of your loss, it is normal to want to feel the joys of life again. This will take time, so be patient with your grief. Learn to embrace your grief. Look for hope and joy in a better tomorrow, for the sun rises on a new day.

If the chill of winter remains in your heart, I encourage you to step outside; spring is on its way. Look for it, expect it, and feel the warmth of the sun.

May you find comfort in the warmth of the spring,

Dawn Rehrauer

About Dawn Rehrauer

Dawn is a Bereavement Counselor, and co-founder of Grief Relief, at Agnesian HealthCare. She has been working in this area for five years. She is passionate about helping those that have lost a significant person in their lives through their grieving process. Dawn can be reached by emailing

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