Preventing breast cancer starts with young girls

young girlsA recent article by Reuters Health brings hope to young girls and women for preventing breast cancer. Recent reports indicate that almost half of all breast cancer cases could be prevented. Preventing breast cancer starts at a young age for girls. Lifestyle behaviors for girls between the time they start menstruating and have their first baby can significantly affect their risk of developing breast cancer. Simple lifestyle choices that can decrease the risk of breast cancer include: eating a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains; avoiding alcohol as teenagers; and regular exercise in teens and young women.

There are also prevention strategies for middle age and older woman. Like young girls, a healthy diet, regular exercise and limited alcohol consumption helps reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight after menopause is also important for women. For certain groups of high risk woman the use of preventive medications, like Tamoxifen, may significantly reduce their chances of developing breast cancer. It is important for woman to talk with their healthcare providers about their risk of developing breast cancer and if preventive medications are right for them.

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