Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes Testing

039P0404LLIt is estimated that gestational diabetes can affect up to 18 percent of women with no known history of diabetes. Most cases will develop in the latter part of the pregnancy so physicians may recommend testing during 24 and 28 weeks; however, in higher risk cases this could be done sooner.

The glucose tolerance test requires a fast of eight to 16 hours along with a few other instructions the physician will inform you on. An initial fasting test is collected, followed by the patient consuming a glucose drink. Additional samples are collected at timed intervals determined by your physician. With a timed test like this, there is some waiting time required so you will need to bring some reading or activities for the appointment.

The physician will review the results following the test completion. If diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the physician will recommend appropriate treatment. In most cases, this condition subsides after delivery, but there will be an increased risk for redevelopment of in future pregnancies.

It is important to discuss gestational diabetes screening with your physician so you can have the best outcomes for your baby. For more information on this topic, see our Health Library at or the American Diabetes Association at

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