Road Construction

Winter, Fall and Construction Season

Is your summer plagued by the stress of construction season? Not only is construction stressful in itself, but we are more aware of the amount of time and money spent at a stand still with gas prices quickly rising.

Here are some tips to help you make it through a construction stop:

• Plan ahead and bring your favorite music along or tune into a great radio station.

• Listen to an audio tape to make use of the delay time.

• Many states have construction updates and alternative roads posted on Internet sites.

• Monitor local radio stations for traffic delay information.

• Move out of the lane to be closed as soon as you see it posted and is safe to switch lanes.

• Consider summer work hours. If coming in earlier or later helps you avoid a longer commute due to construction or traffic, it might be worth the change.

Be Kind to Tourists

Some of the people on the road are tourists and they didn’t know to merge earlier. Consider letting them merge in ahead of you. What’s another car or two in front of you anyway? When you get stuck in the wrong lane, someone will help you out and when they do, wave “thank you.”

Conserving Gas

• Have a clean air filter and good spark plugs.

• Check your tires for wear and proper alignment.

• Turn the air conditioning off when possible. Bring a cold bottle of water to cool you off during those construction stops.

• Drive at a consistent and lower speed.

• Use the vehicle that will give you better gas mileage for longer trips. Some people are switching cars with their spouses so the longer commuter has the more economical car.

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