14 Things to do with your kids yet this summer

  1. family (11) Find a farm with raspberries, tomatoes, flowers, anything, and get picking.
  2. Play outside in the rain: Smell the rain, splash in puddles, make mud pies. No rain? Set up the sprinkler up outside instead.
  3. Go camping: Try backyard camping, or set up sleeping bags on the floor in your house and have a family sleepover.
  4. Catch lightening bugs: Watch them flicker and then set them free so someone else can catch them.
  5. Family game night: As a family, pick out a board game to play for a cold or rainy night.
  6. Go someplace new: Go to a botanical garden, the zoo, a waterpark, a museum, or a different park to play. Check out your local public library for fun activities.
  7. Have a puzzle race: Use 100-piece puzzles and race to see who can finish theirs first.
  8. Create: Make a pizza together, or lemonade. Try some science experiments or art projects to do as a family.
  9. Take a bike ride: Take your bikes to a friend’s house or to get ice-cream, ride around your neighborhood or go to a bike trail.
  10. Build memories: Create beaded necklaces, pressed flower pictures, a Lego castle, or a fort in the living room.
  11. Spend time outside: Fly a kite, play kickball, Frisbee, tag, or decorate your sidewalks with chalk.
  12. Create a treasure hunt: Make a list of hidden objects inside and outside of the house. Create a map with X’s marking the spots.  
  13. Act: play charades, create an original dramatic performance, or a music video. Don’t be afraid to dress-up.
  14.  Read: Start reading a book out loud, have the whole family take turns reading. Create voices for different characters.  

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