Body weight exercises for a quick home resistance workout

man working outThe beauty of these exercises is that you can do them at home with body weight, gravity, a step and a set of free weights. To improve muscle tone and strength, exercises should be done to fatigue to overload the muscle with excellent technique and form. Don’t worry so much about the number of reps, think about the mind body connection, where your body is in space and what your form looks. Ideally exercising in front of a mirror to check form is the best. I put number of reps, as people always want to hear that magic number, that number is really different for everyone – if you are a beginner – you may want to start with  20 seconds of each, and if you are more advanced, then perhaps do each interval at 60 seconds to fatigue. A day of rest between identical workouts is required. You should be active every day, not just doing the same thing every day…make your goal to DAILY sweat, and at least twice a week have a workout that is over an hour long.

  • High and wide knees – 30 seconds
  • Up and down a step for three minutes (soft knees, no stomping to protect knees)
  • Reverse push-ups on step – 30 seconds
  • Plie squats with free weights then overhead presses – 30 seconds
  • Mountain climbers – 30 seconds
  • Lunge position rows with free weight in hand – 20 reps R&L side 
  • Alternate knee and opposite elbow (standing abs) – 20 reps
  • Arnold presses with free weights – kick one leg out hip ADBuction with lift
  • Forward lunges with rotation of free weights to side, hold then center and return to starting position (abs)
  • Side lunges with arms out to the sides and then overhead keeping chest tall

Stretch 10 minutes to end to cool down! You’re done!

About Janelle Baldwin

Janelle Baldwin is a physical therapist assistant (PTA) and lead fitness trainer for Agnesian HealthCare’s on-site fitness center, called the ZONE. She is a certified weight trainer (CWT), a strength and conditioning specialist (STS) and a certified strength and conditioning instructor (CSCI). Her 15 years of professional experience ranges from home care and work hardening/conditioning with the Agnesian HealthCare Sports, Spine & Work Center for many years to her role as a certified personal trainer; teaching fitness classes for which she is trained and certified for and maintaining the on-site fitness facility.

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