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Anne provides therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups that struggle with a variety of mental health issues. Her specialties include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, marital therapy and education, and family therapy. Her approach is practical and compassionate while focusing on strengths, relationships, and solutions. She believes it takes courage to seek help and respects those who come to her. Anne has a special interest in working with boundary and life-balance issues. She works to help people improve in all areas of life: emotionally, relationally, physically and spiritually. Works at Doll & Associates.
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Christmas Stress

Enjoying the Holidays: Stress Prevention and Relief

Planning holiday parties, family celebrations, gift buying, stringing lights, decorating, school performances, and religious services: Just a few of the many obligations families have that can create wonderful memories—and extreme stress. Now that Halloween is over and the holiday season is in full swing, we are beginning to see Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations everywhere. The […]

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Question Mark

How much time do YOU waste trying to answer unanswerable questions?

We all do it sometimes. We may not even notice how much time we spend thinking about something that we REALLY want the answer to. Then, we “snap out of it” and realize that 10 minutes just passed and we didn’t get anything done because we were lost in thought about a concern we have. […]

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How to NOT be a parent of a narcissist

A recent study published on-line in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (on-line March 9, 2015) shows that narcissism is higher in children whose parents overvalue them and their achievements. Children are taught that they are better than others and are more special than others. They believe that they are superior and are […]

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Living productively in spite of anxiety

We all get nervous sometimes. Sometimes it happens when we have to speak in public or when we have to talk to someone about a difficult subject. Sometimes we get nervous before a big test or project at work. Other times, nervousness comes when we fly or before a long trip. Regardless of what makes […]

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Self-care for helpers: caring for yourself so you can care for others

You became a teacher, nurse, therapist or other helping professional because you want to make a difference; because you enjoy caring for others; because you have gifts that allow you to do things that are important to others. It is that passion that makes you a great professional – the same passion that can also […]

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To Delete or Not Delete: That is the Question

The other day, I was going through the texts on my phone. I have the phone set so that it automatically saves incoming texts. I often delete texts that I send right away to save space on my phone. (Believe it or not, I don’t have a smart phone.)  As I was looking at past […]

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Child depressed

Are you being fooled by distractions this April Fool’s Day?

Several years ago, we went through the challenging task of teaching our son to ride his bike. This time, instead of doing the old, chase him and hold on, let go and see him fall on the hard cement technique, we started out on the grass on a hill that slopes slightly. (I think we […]

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Words Matter: To You and to Others

There are some words that people say in my office that make my ears perk up. They perk up because they are powerful when said to ourselves as well as to others. Let me give you a few examples. You Starting a sentence with “You”, especially when talking to someone else in an angry tone, […]

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BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 06:  A three-year-old g...

Maintaining Healthy Boundaries with Family, Friends and Co-Workers

When you hear the word Boundaries, what comes to mind? Is it a fence around a house? Is it the limit of what you will allow your children to do? Is it the emotional distance you keep from others? These are all definitions of boundaries. Emotional boundaries are personal property lines that mark what is […]

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Family watching television, c. 1958

Setting Your Priorities: Finding Balance in Family Life

Are you living a balanced life, with time and energy devoted to what is most important? Do you find yourself moving from one activity to another without taking a breath? If you do not feel as though you are in charge of your life, it may be time to slow down and re-prioritize. Complete the […]

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