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Pregnancy tip #9: three foods to add to your diet

While you are pregnant, make sure to add these three foods to your diet. Really, everyone should add these three foods to their diet! BEANS- Beans are a very healthy and versatile food. They are full of fiber, protein, and nutrients. There are so many different kinds to try: chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, pinto […]

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Pregnancy tip #8: Eat foods with fiber.

Fiber is the bulky substance found in all plant foods. Fiber will be found in fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and beans. Women should aim for a minimum of 25 grams of fiber per day. A diet high in fiber has many benefits: controlling blood sugar levels, keep you full for a longer […]

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Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga has numerous benefits: stress relief, improved balance and flexibility, and reducing lower back discomfort just to name a few.  Of course, please get clearance from your doctor before engaging in any physical activity when pregnant. 3 yoga poses I recommend including into your daily routine are the bird/dog pose, child’s pose, and pigeon […]

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Pregnancy tip # 7: Eating for two

One of the most popular comments I hear when someone is pregnant is “you are eating for 2 now!” and it drives me crazy! Yes, when pregnant, you do have a second one on board, but a very tiny little human being. Therefore, you are eating for yourself and one more teeny person, not 2 […]

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Pregnancy tip #6: Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t forget about breakfast. Breakfast is important for everyone to consume, especially when pregnant. A healthy breakfast will help jumpstart your metabolism for the day and give you energy. Make sure your breakfast contains a whole grain source and a protein source.  Some examples are a whole grain cereal with low-fat milk, oatmeal with ¼ […]

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Fish and Couscous

Pregnancy tip #5: A fishy question

Is fish safe during pregnancy??? There are so many concerns with eating fish due to mercury content when pregnant. Studies show that eating fish is very healthy for a pregnant mom and baby, but also that high amounts of mercury can damage the development of a baby’s brain. The FDA and EPA state a pregnant […]

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Pregnancy foot comfort

Pregnancy tip # 4: happy feet

Happy Feet! There is no denying your feet will hurt at some point during your pregnancy. Try to minimize this by wearing comfortable, non-restricting shoes.  My favorite shoes to wear lately are running shoes since I am on my feet the majority of the day.  If you do not have a comfortable pair to wear- […]

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Pregnancy hydration

Pregnancy tip #3: hydration

Proper hydration while pregnant plays a very important role in the development of your baby, helps your body regulate temperature, helps flush out sodium and lessen swelling, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, lessen fatigue, and many more benefits. Water is the best source of fluids to stay hydrated.  A pregnant woman needs more fluids than the […]

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Pregnancy tip #2: choose healthy snacks

During pregnancy, approximately an extra 300 calories is needed each day in your second and third trimester. A great way to obtain these calories is from eating healthy snacks throughout the day. There are so many healthy snack options to pick from including yogurt, nuts, granola bar, a bag of cereal, fruit, veggies with hummus, […]

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Pregnancy tip #1: exercising during pregnancy

I want to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me. I am an Exercise Physiologist in the Cardiac Services department at Ripon Medical Center, and I also teach several group exercises classes per week and personal train in the Wellness Center. We have had many inquires recently about exercising when pregnant. […]

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