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Why do we worry so much about body image?

Body-image is how we think, feel, and react to our own perceived physical appearances to the outer world.  Body-image develops over time based on culture, media, family, peers, others, and our own mental thoughts.  Body image is not permanent; it is always changing and is a process we can work on and adjust over lifetime. […]

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Childhood obesity impacts families

Childhood obesity is a major concern impacting many families today. Most children today are not engaging in the recommended one hour of physical activity each day, and the majority of food companies target children with poor quality food filled with added sugar, unhealthy fats, and chemicals. In addition to lack of exercise and an excess […]

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Nine more reasons to exercise

Riann Kreiling, an exercise physiologist with Agnesian HealthCare, works with patients recovering from heart attacks.  She says, however, that there are many “other” reasons to exercise, then just to prevent, or recover from, a heart attack.

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Understanding portion sizes for kids

Portion sizes are just as important as the types of foods we eat. Even overeating on healthy foods can lead to unwanted weight gain and health risks. Follow this graph of proper portion sizes and servings each day of the different food groups. In addition, put the following tips to use in order to eat […]

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Navigating the grocery store

Foods purchased at the grocery store play an enormous part in maintaining a healthy weight and eating healthy to help prevent future health complications.  Follow these tips to ensure your grocery shopping trip is a success each time you shop! Plan for Success Plan your meals for the week (involve your family and kids) Make […]

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Stay healthy tips for families

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic affecting everyone’s hometown, all parts of the United States, and across the world. Childhood obesity occurs when a child’s weight is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height. The extra pounds that begin in childhood may lead to future health complications such as diabetes, […]

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