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Mindfulness through relaxation and stretching

If I asked you if you are aware of your body when you are resting, relaxing or stretching, you’d probably think I was a bit nuts. Why should I be doing something when I am trying to relax and not do anything?  The issue is when many of us “relax,” we are actually filling our […]

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What we learned from Temple Grandin, PhD

Marian University and Agnesian HealthCare sponsored the ninth annual Treffert  lecture on May 20 with Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University who, as she herself says, “happens to be autistic.” She has designed the majority of animal handling facilities worldwide, while at the same time being […]

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April showers bring May flowers

In the Catholic tradition in which I was raised, I remember as a child having the May crowning. It was a special way to give tribute to Jesus’ mother, and you were a very special, young lady if you were ever chosen to crown Mary. The crown was always made of spring flowers and ribbons, […]

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Welcome to the Treffert Center: A place of happiness, help and hope

Welcome to the first and only savant syndrome institute in the world.  There is no such other facility elsewhere.  It is a first and will be foremost. I am immensely humbled, and proud, to have such a center in Fond du Lac and have my name attached to it. In bringing this dream to reality […]

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Sands of time

Billy and his grandpa would go on weekend adventures to find different types of hourglasses. They found big ones, little ones, old ones, new ones. But to Billy and his grandpa it was about the time they spent together searching for them. One weekend Billy’s grandpa became very ill and was in the hospital.  Billy […]

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Growing older with autism – ‘aging out’

The good news is that a whole network of services has been developed for children with autism through the school system, and other public and private resources, including the ABBA program through Agnesian HealthCare and the Treffert Center. The bad news is that such a network of services usually does not exist once the child […]

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Living well with multiple sclerosis

Written by: Nancy Goranson, PhD, Agnesian HealthCare Behavioral Health Services A lot of questions come into play when an individual is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or for loved ones that have someone living with this disease. Here are just a few of the most common questions or concerns that arise. First of all, what […]

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Healing Thoughts: April 2016

Through Agnesian HealthCare’s Bereavement Services, support is available during this grieving process to individuals and their families following the death of a loved one. All services are offered at no charge and are available to any individual or group who has experienced the death of a family member or friend. Check out this month’s Healing […]

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Lessons from listening

Standing conspicuously and proudly among the medical books on my office shelf are some children’s books. “What’s a grown doctor doing reading children’s books?,” you ask. Let me explain. I learned many things in medical school, but two lessons have served me best. I remember the revered, silver-haired surgeon teaching us doctors to be that […]

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How do you define alcohol consumption?

Written by: Terra Braatz, MSE, NCC, LPC, Agnesian HealthCare, Agnesian Work & Wellness EAP Supervisor Binge drinking by young people in some wealthy, developed countries has increased over the past two decades, even as overall alcohol consumption has fallen, according to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study. Average annual alcohol consumption in the OECD’s […]

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