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Stigma keeps people from reaching out

As those of you familiar with “social media” may know, deciding how and what to share about ourselves is very important. The fact that we have a concern, and that we are either working on it or have successfully overcome it can be very helpful for other people to hear. Respectful exchanges with others without [...]

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Feeling Stressed?

Stress is a very common experience that all of us experience every day. It’s our body’s way of responding to demands throughout the day. This stress can be good stress – stress that motivates or protects us, or bad stress – stress that gets in our way physically and/or mentally. Take a look at the [...]

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Changing Negative Self-Talk to Positive

Our Self-Talk (what we tell ourselves, the chatter or our inner voice) is a factor in determining how we feel about ourselves and what we do with our lives. Our WORDS form our THOUGHTS, which create our FEELINGS, which foster our BELIEFS, which produce our BEHAVIORS, which establishes our IDENTITY. Negative Self-Talk (Four Basic Types) [...]

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A Time When Silence was Golden

Written by: W. Drew Brandli, MSW, LCSW with Agnesian HealthCare Behavioral Health Services “I don’t think he heard me,” said a woman in speaking with a friend about her husband. “He doesn’t seem to care about what I have to say or how I feel. It is always what he thinks, and then he tells [...]

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Keeping Your Mind Young

Agnesian Health Shoppe offers full complement of services The Agnesian Health Shoppe, 327 Winnebago Drive, Fond du Lac, offers a complete line of quality home health and respiratory equipment, from sales and rentals to repairs. The store features equipment, including E-Z lift recliners, wheelchairs, electric scooters, hospital beds, walkers, crutches, stair lifts, reading machines, low [...]

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Tips for Positive Stress Management

Here are a few tips for positive stress management: Know What Stress Is Stress is our physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses to changes that occur in life or to demands that are placed on us. Stress is our response to changes and events. Know the Signs of a Stress Reaction Physical • Muscle tension [...]

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Words Matter: To You and to Others

There are some words that people say in my office that make my ears perk up. They perk up because they are powerful when said to ourselves as well as to others. Let me give you a few examples. You Starting a sentence with “You”, especially when talking to someone else in an angry tone, [...]

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Parenting after Divorce

Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce and some of these involve children. While the end of a committed relationship is extremely hard on the adults involved, the children are also at times devastated by their parents splitting. What parents can do to increase the chance that their children will emerge the least harmed [...]

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Christmas Stress

Are Children Affected by Stress During the Holidays?

Written by Krystle Schmitz, MA, LPC-IT, Psychiatric Associates Holidays are often associated with spending meaningful and sometimes chaotic time together.  For children and adolescents, this means days off of school and having some fun!  These fun activities typically result in schedule changes and disrupted routines, which can lead kids to feeling some degree of increased [...]

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Q & A About Resilience

Q: This past year has been very difficult for my employees and me. The economy has impacted not only our company’s bottom line, but also our personal lives. How, as a leader, do you keep you and your employees’ spirits positive during these tough periods? A: “The greatest glory of living lies not in never [...]

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