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Staying motivated to train

When setting up a training program for one of our fitness members I heard a familiar question.  “How do I motivate myself to keep coming”.  It’s a question that all of us ask ourselves during workouts or even in our daily lives.  The answer isn’t simple, it’s not about willpower or rewards.  It boils down […]

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Golf – Want to be injury free with lower scores?

Golf is one of the higher injury-producing sports played in the United States. One would think hitting a little ball with a club wouldn’t cause that many injuries.  However, there is a tremendous amount of force traveling through the body to project that little bar further. Elbow injuries are the most common among amateur golfers, […]

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Occupational therapy: transforming lives, building independence

Do you have physical limitations that impair your ability to complete any of your “normal” daily activities? An occupational therapist at Agnesian HealthCare may be able to help to improve quality of life if the limitations are caused by shoulder to hand dysfunction, chronic pain, deconditioning due to cancer treatment, lymphedema or incontinence. April is […]

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Audio Blog: When to consider hip replacement or resurfacing

Dr. Eric Nelson, an orthopedic surgeon at Waupun Memorial Hospital was recently interviewed about his job. He also discussed options for hip pain, such as hip resurfacing or hip replacement. Listen now.

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What causes shoulder instability?

Written by: Bryan Royce, M.D. Shoulder instability is usually caused from a fall on an outstretched arm or being hit in the arm while the arm is out to the side. Many times this will damage the shoulder labrum (the soft tissue ring that helps the shoulder stay in place) or it may even damage […]

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What is a knee ligament tear?

Written by: Bryan Royce, M.D. We often hear about ligament tears in pro-athletes, such as a torn ACL. Most recently the Green Bay Packers lost wide receiver, Jared Abbrederis, due to a torn ACL. Some common ligament tears include:   ACL injury = usually occurs in a non-contact situation with pivoting or abrupt stopping.  MCL […]

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How can I strengthen my bones?

Written by: Bryan Royce, M.D. Many people in Wisconsin are Vitamin D deficient or insufficient due to our lack of direct sunlight for a large portion of the year. Living in the “Dairy State” and drinking large quantities of milk can help, but is usually not enough to sustain adequate Vitamin D levels for optimum […]

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meniscus tear

What is a meniscus tear?

Written by: Bryan Royce, M.D. A meniscus tear is the most common surgically-treated knee injury. The meniscus acts as a shock absorber that distributes weight in the knee joint. Because of the meniscus’ soft tissue and the high impact it sees, it can frequently become torn. A meniscus tear most often occurs due to twisting, […]

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Should I use ice or heat on my injury?

Written by: Bryan Royce, MD Should I use ice or heat on my injury? Ice and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, known as NSAIDs (Tylenol, Advil or Aleve), help bring down swelling and can help with pain early after an injury. Heat can be soothing for lingering injuries. I recommend icing down a fresh injury to reduce swelling, […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when again when fitness centers fill up with New Year’s “resolutioners.” There is a mad rush to the treadmill or weight machine, then two months later the gym numbers return to normal. How do you avoid the same pitfalls that these individuals always seem to run in to? First, set […]

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