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Why do I feel so tired each fall?

Written by: Kathy Fett, Director, Agnesian Work & Wellness Believe it or not, daylight savings time will soon be upon us. With daylight savings time, comes darkness and sometimes Seasonsal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression with symptoms starting in fall and continuing through the winter months. Some symptoms of SAD that […]

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Mistakes to avoid on the journey to well-being

Sometimes when we decide to change our lives, we have grandiose dreams and unrealistic expectations of ourselves. I often hear this when someone wants to set up an exercise program. They may say, “I used to be a size (x) and I want that again.” We delve deeper into that, and they were a size […]

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Bust that plateau

Have you been trying to lose weight but seem stuck on a plateau?  This happens to everyone who tries to lose weight at some point.  You feel stuck, and despite doing everything right or just as you have been, the weight isn’t coming off – this can last for days or even weeks. What causes […]

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Be on FIRE every day!

Do you ever feel behind your day before it even starts – too busy, too exhausted, too stressed?  Or that your life is a toxic mix of the above making you impatient, irritable or unfocused? I think many of you probably could answer yes to those feelings at some time in life…our society of constant distraction […]

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Accidental Genius: A little Rain Man within us all?

Jason Padgett was an ordinary person managing a futon and furniture store in Washington State. In September 2002, he was the victim of a brutal mugging in which he sustained a severe concussion. While an MRI showed no gross changes, when he awoke he was experiencing some new, vivid, synesthetic imagery. He began to draw […]

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What is ayurveda and why do I want to know?

Written by: Anne Miller, MD, Psychiatry, Agnesian HealthCare Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Ayurveda literally means “the science of life.” Rooted in ancient tradition, Ayurveda (eye-ur-VAY-duh) describes self-care practices, such as self-massage, that are based on biologic constitution or dosh (DOH’sha). There are season-specific and dosha-specific ways to reduce contemporary issues, such as insomnia, poor digestion, […]

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Choices, choices and more choices

Various Internet sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. While this is a crazy big number of choices, you see how fast they can add up to a very large number if you break down all the types of choices. Each day we make 226.7 decisions on just food […]

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YOU can make a difference!

Written by: Tamara Langhoff, APNP, Treffert Clinic More people in the world die by suicide than by war and murder combined. September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. YOU can make a difference. By taking five minutes to become informed and involved, you will be part of a worldwide movement to save lives… This is […]

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Living Well with MS: managing disturbances in memory

A common symptom for many people living with MS is memory loss. Memory changes have been found in about 60 percent of people living with the disease. Most people affected will experience mild changes in short-term memory. For example, they may find it difficult to remember such things like appointment dates and times, errands planned […]

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Healing Thoughts: September 2016

Through Agnesian HealthCare’s Bereavement Services, support is available during this grieving process to individuals and their families following the death of a loved one. All services are offered at no charge and are available to any individual or group who has experienced the death of a family member or friend. Check out this month’s Healing […]

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