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What is palliative care?

What is Palliative Care? Agnesian HealthCare appreciates sharing this inspiring story following the recent passing of John Kunkle.  While many people know that Hospice Hope assists the terminally-ill person during the final months of life, not everyone is aware of Palliative Care – a healthcare service that is appropriate at any stage of a complex […]

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FAQ: Where can I get a flu shot?

We have been receiving many questions about where patients can get a flu vaccine.  See the schedule below for locations/dates/times.

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A New Way to Fight Acid Reflux at Night: Reza Band

Millions of people suffer from acid reflux at night. The combination of lying flat and the relaxation of the upper esophageal sphincter during sleep allow stomach acids and food residues to come back up into the throat and enter the airway, irritating the delicate voice and lung tissues. A Milwaukee gastroenterologist and leader in dysphagia […]

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Could you be at risk for Type II Diabetes?

Written by: Tara Schmitz, Agnesian Work & Wellness – Wellness Coordinator Diabetes contributes to over 230,000 deaths in the United States per year, and yet many people are not aware they have the disease or may have risk factors associated with it. Risk factors increase a person’s risk for developing pre-diabetes and eventually type 2 […]

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Five things to consider before using e-cigarettes

Five questions and answers to review before using or recommending the use of e-cigarettes. What is the quality control process during manufacturing of the devices, liquid nicotine and non-nicotine juice? Currently there are no federal regulations on how the devices and liquids are manufactured, mixed, stored or distributed. Contents vary widely and don’t always match the ingredients or amounts listed on […]

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woman with dog

Gratitude Practice

Practicing an attitude of gratitude is a way of living for Christians and is becoming a more popular attitude to live by in many faiths. Studies have been done which prove the value of being grateful as a way to reduce stress and lead a more positive life in general. This attitude is one of […]

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Chevron bead and Indian glass bead strings

Healthy lifestyle reminder with beads

Someone gave me the following idea from their church bulletin to remind them to be healthier in their choices. I loved the idea and modified it to what I think would be a great reminder for us all to have! All you need is some colored beads and string to make  a keychain, bracelet or […]

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Family trips time of fun; take first aid on the road

Summer is here and you have yet to take that family road trip you planned. You decide today’s the day to pack up the family and hit the road for that summer trip. Bags are packed. Check. Food is packed. Check. Kids are in the car. Check. You are ready for takeoff. Hold up, don’t […]

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Leave fireworks to the professionals

Decades of accidents teach us that fireworks are dangerous. Many fireworks-related injuries involve the face and eyes. The typical victim is a teenager, at home, unsupervised, with a group of friends.  When these factors gather, the chances are someone will end up in the emergency room with an injury to the head, eyes or hands. […]

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child sleeping

Sleep fun facts…

Here are some sleep fun facts… Humans spend a third of their life sleeping (25 years or more). Humans can survive longer without food than they can without sleep. During the first two years of a baby’s life, new parents will miss six months of sleep on average. Giraffes sleep only 1.9 hours a day […]

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