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Should I, or someone I care for, be using a cane or a walker?

Both canes and walkers are called mobility aids, which can help a person from falling and decrease their risk of losing their balance. A mobility aid can make a person feel more comfortable with walking and standing, which can help people” stay young” as they get older. One of the best things you can do [...]

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ABC rules for safe baby slumber

It is extremely important for all parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for your precious little one to know the ABC rules for safe baby slumber. They are A: putting baby to sleep alone, B: on their back, and C: in a crib. Virtually all new moms say they know the rules for safe baby [...]

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Diabetics, pay special attention to your legs and feet

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes? Please spread the word how important it is for diabetics to take care of their health, and pay special attention to their legs and feet. To keep their feet and legs healthy, they need to inspect them daily and note any changes they see like [...]

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Best way to swaddle your baby

Should I swaddling my baby in a loose blanket? The answer is there is a much better option known as a wearable blanket or a sleep sack. The change from swaddling infants with a baby blanket to a SleepSack has occurred in most hospital maternity wards including Agnesian as part of a campaign to promote [...]

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What’s the difference between a scooter and powered wheelchair?

Do you know what the difference is between a scooter (POV) and a powered wheelchair? There are several differences that I’ll try to explain. A scooter or POV (powered-operated vehicle) is a mobility device that has three or four wheels, a tiller for steering and a swivel seat. Because of the way a scooter is [...]

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Should I be evaluated for a powered mobility device?

Is your walking now becoming unsafe or too slow to get to the bathroom on time? Do you have severe pain in your arms that now your spouse or caregiver has to push you in your manual wheelchair in your home? Are you falling because your legs are just too weak? Do you become so [...]

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What should I do with those white elastic stockings the nurses send home with me from the hospital?

Did you ever wonder what you should do with those white elastic stockings the nurses send home with you from the hospital?  You wore them while in the hospital, are you to wear them at home too? Those stockings are called anti-embolism stockings or TED stockings. They are meant to be worn while a person [...]

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Did you know that most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom?

For older adults or anyone with limited mobility, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Wet, slippery floors and sharp corners can cause serious injury and even death. Concerned individuals can add simple bathroom equipment to increase safety and easy access while in the bathroom. And, there are safety products, like a [...]

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What you need to know about stair lifts?

Do you find it difficult to go up and down the stairs again and again each day? While stair lifts help individuals with handicaps effectively manage their mobility at home, these lifts are for anyone. Stair lifts, when installed in a person’s home, will help take them up and down their stairs safely, comfortably and [...]

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All about lift chairs

A lift chair is a device that gradually lifts the person to a standing position or gradually descends the person into a sitting position without causing any injuries. Lift chairs offer various reclining positions that can relieve discomfort on pressure point areas or relieve back pain. Lift chairs can be designed to recline flat and [...]

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