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Breast Cancer Ribbon

Part II: You’re BUSTED! Breast cancer myths exposed, or are they really myths?

Written by: Stacy Hammack, Senior Mammography Technologist, RT (R)(M) at Ripon Medical Center I have been on birth control pills forever! This will for sure increase my risk of breast cancer. Fact: Some studies from the 90s have shown that birth control use slightly increases your risk of breast cancer. Evidence is not strong enough for [...]

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Breast Cancer Aware 2

Part I: You’re BUSTED! Breast cancer myths exposed, or are they really myths?

Written by: Stacy Hammack, Senior Mammography Technologist, RT (R)(M) at Ripon Medical Center Am I going to get breast cancer if I wear deodorant or shave my underarms? Fact: There have been several studies done looking at the link between breast cancer and deodorants/antiperspirants and shaving your underarms. The American Cancer Society really pooh-poohs this rumor! [...]

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What is Osteoporosis?

Author: Margie Anderson, APNP at the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic in Waupun Osteoporosis is a silent disease that is preventable and can progress for many years without detection. Sometimes one doesn’t know they have a fracture until they start having pain. Our bone mass peaks between the ages of 18 and 35. After our [...]

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When will the doctor schedule my diagnostic screening pregnancy ultrasound?

There are multiple scenarios when your doctor may order an ultrasound throughout your pregnancy. Typically, the screening ultrasound is performed at approximately 20 weeks gestation. At this time of pregnancy, we can screen for many malformations (abnormalities). At 20 weeks gestation, it is easier to evaluate complete fetal anatomy rather than performing the exam earlier in your [...]

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Your Body After a Baby

Author: Dr. Kristen Witkowski Childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, but the post-pregnancy body can be one of the most stressful!  If new mother’s follow these five tips, they will be well on their way to fitting in those pre-pregnancy jeans! Avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. A healthier [...]

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HPV—what is it and why should I get vaccinated?

Author: Dr. Brita McCullough HPV stands for human papilloma virus. The virus affects human skin and moist membranes that line the body such as the throat, mouth, feet, fingers, nails, anus and cervix in both men and women. This virus is a sexually transmitted infection spread from partner to partner through sexual intercourse. There are over [...]

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What is healthy weight loss?

When people hear that I am a registered dietitian, I am often asked many questions on various nutrition subjects. Most commonly, I am asked, “What is the secret to losing weight?” My response to this question is simple. There is no “secret.” The information has always been out there. We simply need to have less [...]

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How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

Author: Dr. Ted Miller of Agnesian HealthCare A common question from expecting mothers is, “How much weight should I gain during my pregnancy?” The truth is there is no universal amount a woman should gain because each woman’s experience is different. One factor I take into consideration is if the woman was underweight or overweight before [...]

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Are you at risk for heart disease?

There are many factors that put one at risk for heart disease, which can be broken into two categories: non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors. Non-modifiable risk factors include: age, gender, family history and diabetes.  Women over the age of 55 and men over the age of 45 are at an increased risk for heart disease. [...]

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Women’s Health: Does my insurance cover breast pumps?

We hear this question alot…does my insurance cover the cost of breast pumps?  Debbie Dvorachek (LPN,WCC), a business development associate with the Agnesian Health Shoppe, explains the answer to this question. Prior to healthcare reform, the majority of breast pumps and supplies for nursing mothers was an expense that a consumer had to pay for on [...]

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