Tips for a Smooth School Transition

While August is a prime summer month for most of us, it also marks the end of summer and reminds us that school is just around the corner. The following are some tips that may help assist your children in having a smooth transition back to school.   A few weeks before school begins you [...]

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Keys to alleviate snoring

“Snoring can be bothersome to the person snoring and the person sleeping.  While there are a few tips that might help, a visit to your provider is recommended to see if there might be medical reasons causing this symptom. In that case, additional testing might be beneficial,” according to Danielle Reysen, supervisor at the Agnesian [...]

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“I don’t have time to work out.”

Do you have 15 minutes to spare 2-3 days per week?  Time spent on Facebook, watching TV, eating that late night snack can now be turned in a quick effective workout for your whole body.  Check out Core Performance’s “15 Minute Workout for Women.”  If you find yourself with some extra time you can add [...]

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Audio Blog: Andi Weigand discusses allergic rhinitis

Listen to Andi Weigand, APNP, a family nurse practitioner at the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic in Ripon, as she shares with us the latest developments on Allergic Rhinitis.     If you would like to schedule an appointment with Andi, call (920) 745-3180.

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Do you drink too much cola?

Do you drink cola beverages?  I read an abstract from a United States government bulletin saying, The popular cola drink is a strange mixture of phosphoric acid, sugar, coloring and flavoring matter.  The amount of phosphoric acid is 55%, giving cola drinks an acidity of pH 2.6, or about the same as vinegar.  Why doesn’t [...]

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Photo Blog: Pink Glove Dance Fun

Looks like fun – let’s all raise our hands in support of all cancer survivors out there!               Watch for Agnesian HealthCare’s Pink Glove Dance video coming soon, and give us your vote. Our friends at the Fond du Lac Surgery Center and Fond du Lac Regional Clinic South [...]

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Summer Volunteens make an impact at St. Francis Home

Our summer Volunteens group is doing a terrific job helping out residents.  A big “THANK YOU” to all of them.  Some have been busy transporting residents to various activities, while others have been helping out at games like bingo and volleyball, accompanying residents on outings, and more.  The added attention is more than welcomed by [...]

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