Business Update August 2012

Employees who drink or abuse other substances during the workday can spell disaster for obvious reasons. Studies have shown that supervisors that demonstrate they can identify workplace substance abuse are more likely to have an impact on preventing or putting a stop to this dangerous behavior. Agnesian HealthCare’s IntegNet Employee Assistance Program (EAP) wants to [...]

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Older Adult Mental Health

It’s no secret that our population is getting older. Many middle-age people are called upon to take care of their children as well as their aging parents. We call them the “sandwich generation.” Clearly, the physical health of Americans, especially older Americans, has been a focus of discussion for many years. Mental health is an [...]

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Obesity by the Numbers: Shocking New Stats

  Shocking new statistics were recently released in the journal BMC Public Health [International Science Times]. Humans are more than 17 million tons overweight and the extra weight is the equivalent of having an extra 242 million people on the planet. It may seem inevitable that you will be joining this group someday, but here [...]

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Where can I pay my bill at Ripon Medical Center?

We have been receiving questions about where patients and/or associates can stop at Ripon Medical Center to pay their bills. I am happy to say that Admitting can take a payment. Our Admitting associates can take credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express) and checks. Cash needs to be the correct amount. It is [...]

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Skin problems plague athletes

When you think about the upcoming Olympics competition, skin issues would be an unlikely topic. As a board-certified dermatologist, Bert Steffes, MD, Fond du Lac Regional Clinic, knows firsthand how the skin of athletes can be impacted. Get a new perspective on this common issue, and enjoy the Olympics! The Olympics are all about the [...]

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Audio Blog: Dr. James Wallace on coronary artery disease

Listen to James Wallace, DO, a family medicine physician at the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic in Ripon, as he shares with us the latest developments on coronary artery disease: Dr. James Wallace on Coronary Artery disease by InGoodHealthFDL If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wallace, call (920) 745-3180.

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American Cancer Society

Why living healthy is important if you are a cancer survivor

According to Liz Hill, RD, CD, an Agnesian HealthCare Cancer Care registered dietitian, “A healthy diet and physical activity can lower the chances of cancer returning. Agnesian HealthCare Cancer Care offers a cancer exercise specialist as well as a clinical dietitian to help cancer survivors obtain health and wholeness as they live beyond cancer.” The [...]

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