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Care of the Weekend Warrior

Written by: Bryan Royce, MD, orthopedic surgeon with Agnesian Bone & Joint Health In my work as an orthopedic surgeon, I work collaboratively with individuals that are considered to be weekend warriors. But what does that really mean? Weekend warriors engage in irregular patterns of physical activity (one to two days each week), do so […]

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Be on FIRE every day!

Do you ever feel behind your day before it even starts – too busy, too exhausted, too stressed?  Or that your life is a toxic mix of the above making you impatient, irritable or unfocused? I think many of you probably could answer yes to those feelings at some time in life…our society of constant distraction […]

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Staying home safely in your elder years

I have had the honor of working in long-term care for a great many years. Most of the time, residents who moved into an assisted-living were people who chose to move. They had been fearful of living alone, they were declining in health, or they simply chose to live in a community where many amenities […]

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Shoulder instability in the competitive or leisure athlete

By: Billie Jo Braatz, PT, DPT, LAT, Agnesian HealthCare Sports & Spine Center Has your daughter ever said it feels like her shoulder “slips out” when hitting a volleyball, or has your son told you his shoulder “popped out” when making a tackle during a football game? If so, they may be experiencing what is […]

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Accidental Genius: A little Rain Man within us all?

Jason Padgett was an ordinary person managing a futon and furniture store in Washington State. In September 2002, he was the victim of a brutal mugging in which he sustained a severe concussion. While an MRI showed no gross changes, when he awoke he was experiencing some new, vivid, synesthetic imagery. He began to draw […]

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What is ayurveda and why do I want to know?

Written by: Anne Miller, MD, Psychiatry, Agnesian HealthCare Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Ayurveda literally means “the science of life.” Rooted in ancient tradition, Ayurveda (eye-ur-VAY-duh) describes self-care practices, such as self-massage, that are based on biologic constitution or dosh (DOH’sha). There are season-specific and dosha-specific ways to reduce contemporary issues, such as insomnia, poor digestion, […]

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Ready to order diabetic shoes? Here’s how.

Written by: Katie Gregory, DME sales specialist of Diabetes/Therapeutic Shoes at Agnesian Health Shoppe When I am working with individuals who are looking for the best pair of shoes for their specific medical needs, there are certain questions I am generally asked. Here are the answers to the two more commonly-asked questions. What percentage does […]

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