Indoor Workouts for the Winter Months

The cold weather is here, and you have no intention running through the snow and cold to stay in shape. What is the best way to keep your body from hibernating this winter? Should you workout out at home or join a gym? Each has their pros and cons. Equipment is a big positive for [...]

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Video blog: What’s Up with Catholics and Saints?

As Catholics, we’re often asked about the role that saints have in our lives. Is praying to them the same as worshiping them? What does it mean for them to “intervene” for us? In this latest C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith, Bishop Don Hying explains the many ins and outs of being a saint … [...]

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The New RMC Medical Imaging Area

The new Medical Imaging area is being prepared at Ripon Medical Center. This space is where prep work is being done for the hospital’s new MRI unit. Medical Imaging services are being centrally located on the hospital’s first floor for enhanced patient access and convenience. This area will also feature support services and meeting rooms. [...]

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Are you having Thanksgiving at your house and want a really cool easy centerpiece for your table?

Well, this is the coolest, most elegant idea I have come across in a long time. You will need to have: faux fruit/gourds or use real produce A beautiful bowl or pedestal cake dish Adhesive “bling” – found at a craft/hobby store to decorate the produce Apply the “bejeweled” patterns to each piece of fruit [...]

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Q & A About Conflict

Q: In meetings we have various opinions expressed. This is good because it adds many ideas to the mix, but at times it results in a great deal of conflict and no decisions being made. Do you have any models of conflict management? A: Thank you for your question. Part of making a situation, a [...]

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Man sleeping

Have you ever called in sick?

Have you ever called in sick? If you have, you are not alone. Studies show that roughly 19 percent of people call in sick just so they can catch up on their sleep. Calling in sick for sleep is the fourth common reason; than there is: 1) just do not feel like it 2) need [...]

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How to rate your pain?

You have pain and you’re ready to go to your local healthcare provider to make it stop. What question do they always ask? “On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your pain?” How do those numbers translate into how much your body is hurting? Let’s give pain levels some definitions to [...]

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