Exercise for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is characterized by low bone mass and the deterioration of the structure of bone tissue.  This results in fragile bones and increased risk of fracture.  Osteoporosis also affects the posture, balance and breathing in by changing the center of gravity in later stages.  It is a disease that affects [...]

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Changing Negative Self-Talk to Positive

Our Self-Talk (what we tell ourselves, the chatter or our inner voice) is a factor in determining how we feel about ourselves and what we do with our lives. Our WORDS form our THOUGHTS, which create our FEELINGS, which foster our BELIEFS, which produce our BEHAVIORS, which establishes our IDENTITY. Negative Self-Talk (Four Basic Types) [...]

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Granola Bar

A Review of 26 Healthy Habits Part One: Food and Eating

I was recently asked to review an article by Laura Schwecherl about 26 healthy habits that really aren’t so healthy.  I’d like to pass on some of the truth that health conscious people engage in. I’ll break up the 26 in a few articles, so that is easier to digest, and perhaps easier to inventory [...]

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FAQ: What is the Agnesian eHealth process?

How Do I Sign Up for Agnesian eHealth? Simply complete the registration form in the Agnesian eHealth brochure, tear it off and give it to a receptionist, nurse or drop it off at either Agnesian HealthCare Information Desk (clinic or hospital), on the main campus, 430 E. Division Street, Fond du Lac. Please bring a [...]

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Weight health goal

Fitness Rewards!

If you are getting back into a fitness routine or just need a new motivation to push you through to a new goal, using rewards is a great way to get started or keep going.  First, setting goals (SMART goals) and using non-food rewards is a great way to keep yourself motivated or get motivated. [...]

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A Year of New Hope

With the New Year upon us, I find myself looking ahead. I can’t believe it has been seven years since the death of my husband (December). I feel, as most days, I am fine with the fact that he is gone, and this new life is becoming comfortable and familiar. It seems that as the [...]

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Winter Workout Series: Circuit 1

The following video contains our first exercise circuit in the Winter Workout Series.   This group can be done separate but if added to all of the supersets previous released will make a calorie-busting workout.  This group consists of Step ups with Bicep Curl to Burpee, Lateral Bounds, Seated Trunk Rotations and a Step up to [...]

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