Is red wine really heart healthy?

By: Richard Santa-Cruz, MD, Cardiologist with the Dale Michels Center for Heart Care Red wine has long been thought of as the heart-healthy alcohol choice. But is that just a myth? No! In moderation, red wine is actually heart healthy! Many people think that the antioxidants in grapes are what make red wine so good for you, [...]

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Menopausal women and symptoms

Pain in the Neck?

Have you suffered from a pain in the neck? Not a coworker, but a real, musculoskeletal pain in the neck? There are many reasons for this, but I am sure most of us have suffered from the neck pain caused by poor posture and weakness of our body. I recently read an article about how [...]

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Heart and woman

Make a DASH to the Mediterranean For Your Heart!

Take care of your heart so it takes care of you… With February’s Heart Health Month upon us, you may start thinking of how you can change your diet to improve your heart health. The beginning of the New Year usually makes us all think about our current status and resolutions are made to start [...]

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Care Navigation

Nurses receive award as most ethical profession

Written by: Ann Sorgent, Clinical Supervisor at Agnesian Cancer Center, Medical oncology I received a very nice e-mail from Dr. Joel Lundberg the other week. It was the announcement that once again nurses had received the top spot as the most trustworthy profession, having received the number one ranking in a survey of more than 1,000 [...]

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Puppy Love Series Part 1 – Dating in the teenage years

Relationships in the teenage years are simultaneously thrilling and devastating.  Follow our four-part blog about “Puppy Love.” When should teenagers start dating? Even though girls and guys begin to pair up as early as the sixth grade, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to date. At age 12 and 13, you should probably feel completely overwhelmed [...]

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Drinking soda

Do you have a cola drinking problem???

Do you drink cola beverages?  I just recently read an abstract from a United States government bulletin.  “The popular cola drink is a strange mixture of phosphoric acid, sugar, coloring and flavoring matter.  The amount of phosphoric acid is 55%, giving cola drinks an acidity of pH 2.6, or about the same as vinegar.  Why [...]

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Life Lesson #3: My Badge of Honor

It’s time to share our grief. Grief can be a full range of emotions that come in waves over an extended period of time. Grieving is a natural process and is very normal. You may feel as if you are living life in slow motion or walking in a fog. You may not be able [...]

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