Is CPR on your new parent safety checklist?

Written by: Terri St. Lawrence, Community Health Program Coordinator As a new parent, you probably have hundreds of checklists. There’s one for how to decorate the baby’s room and another for what needs to go in the diaper bag. How about a safety checklist? It’s a list of things you can do to keep your [...]

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Overcoming common children’s sleep concerns

Sleep tends to be a common concern among parents.  Many children have difficulties falling asleep and get up multiple times after they are put in bed with numerous excuses.  There are a few recommendations that can be followed to ease these difficulties. Establish a set bedtime and stick to as much as possible, even on [...]

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Life Lesson #1: Get your battery checked

It’s a hot day in July and I was out mowing the lawn. I was about to start weed eating when my phone rang. I was my daughter; her car had stalled at a busy intersection on a Friday afternoon. She was crying and frantic asking what she should do. I asked her what happened [...]

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What can I do to strenghthen my glutes?

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Women’s Health May 2013), “The glutes (or butt muscles) are one of the muscle groups likely to blame if you have runner’s knee (patellar tendonitis).  Researchers found that in people with knee pain, the glutes didn’t fire properly while running or walking up and down stairs, which [...]

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Video Blog: How Do I Get to Heaven?

If heaven is a real place, how do we get there? What does it take? Do we have to be “good” people — completely free from sin? Bishop Don Hying listens to these questions and shares some heartfelt answers. Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1949).

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Tabata! 20 minutes to change your life!

If you do not know what Tabata is I’ll let you know.  Tabata was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata. He conducted tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate high intensity training with high intensity interval training. Olympic athletes have used this method, as well as movie stars like Kyra Sedgwick.  It’s simple and [...]

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The radiation warning symbol (trefoil).

Radon Detection and Lung Cancer Prevention

Written by: Travis Dash, Pharmacist with Agnesian Health Care Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium within the soil and water. You can’t smell, see or taste radon and it may be an issue within your home. Breathing air that has high levels of radon over many years can [...]

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