Here’s how to get started on a positive body image breakthrough

Sometimes we use “thinness” and diets as a metaphor for what we really want in life. We think, “When I lose weight, I’ll finally be happy.” Being thin won’t make you happy. Being healthy and well will improve your sense of satisfaction with your life. You’ll have more energy; you’ll sleep better; your moods might […]

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Stigma keeps people from reaching out

As those of you familiar with “social media” may know, deciding how and what to share about ourselves is very important. The fact that we have a concern, and that we are either working on it or have successfully overcome it can be very helpful for other people to hear. Respectful exchanges with others without […]

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A Review of 26 Healthy Habits Part Three: Types of Workouts

In this information age, there are a million voices to be heard, but is anybody really listening? The amount of traffic our minds get really makes it difficult to slow down and pay attention to any information, and then what information should I listen too? I’ve been reviewing just such information touching on 26 habits […]

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Did you know that most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom?

For older adults or anyone with limited mobility, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Wet, slippery floors and sharp corners can cause serious injury and even death. Concerned individuals can add simple bathroom equipment to increase safety and easy access while in the bathroom. And, there are safety products, like a […]

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Indoor Cycling – Banish the Boredom!

How many of you haven’t done any form of exercise since it started getting cold out? Is your bike sitting in the garage with flat tires? You know there is something you can do about that? Get a trainer and start riding inside! I frequently hear from my cycling friends that the “trainer is sooooooo […]

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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. The cervix is a female organ that connects the vagina to the uterus. While cervical cancer often times does not have any symptoms, the good news is that cervical cancer can be easily diagnosed with a Pap test. Regular Pap tests help to detect the cervical cancer at an […]

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Swallowing Difficulties after Spinal Surgery

Swallowing difficult (dysphagia) is a common complication of spinal surgery.  Studies suggest that as many as 60 percent of patients experience some difficulty swallowing within the first two or three weeks after surgery.  Patients who received an anterior approach (through the front of the neck) are more likely to experience dysphagia. Previous thought was that […]

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