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February: sleep deprivation and heart disease

February, as I am sure you know by now,  is American Heart Health Awareness Month. Heart disease is the number one cause of death according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and there is more and more evidence strengthening the connection between sleep deprivation and heart issues. Not getting enough sleep can happen for […]

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911 basics: responding to a heart attack

Written by: Nathan Larsen, MD  Medical Director & Emergency Medicine Physician at St. Agnes Hospital Emergency Department Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Knowing what the warning signs of a heart attack are and how to respond could save a life. The following guidelines can help you make the […]

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The human shoulder joint

Oh my aching shoulders!

By Gina Breit, PT with Agnesian HealthCare Sports, Spine & Work Center With winter comes the task of shoveling. Frequently many of us suffer from aches and pains associated with the awkward postures we get into when shoveling. Many common aches and pains seen in the clinic as the result of shoveling include back pain […]

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Cognitive therapy after cancer treatment

Many people receiving cancer treatments notice changes in their thinking and memory abilities. This may be caused by increased stress and anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, changes in your blood chemistry, medication side effects or hormonal changes. People often report a sense of feeling more disorganized, more easily distracted, more forgetful. They also describe difficulty paying […]

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Heart stethescope

How do women know if they are having a heart attack?

It is true that women may experience heart attack symptoms that are different than what men may experience. We all hear about chest pain or tightness that may or may not radiate to the left arm and jaw, but there are other warning signs. Women are more likely to describe chest pain with or without […]

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Puppy Love Part III: Can teenagers really fall in love?

Relationships in the teenage years are simultaneously thrilling and devastating. Follow our four-part blog about “Puppy Love.” Can teenagers really fall in love? Teenage love tends to be a little exaggerated. No wonder – movies and TV shows tell you that falling in love is the most important step in your life, even though there […]

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Woman in window

Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

This occurs at certain times of the year. For us in Wisconsin , it is the winter months. The days are shorter and the sun shines less. This is a type of depression, where many can experience: Increased appetite with weight gain Increased sleep Less energy Poor concentration Loss of interest in work or other […]

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