Video blog: Keeping a pulse on construction progress

Katherine Vergos, Ripon Medical Center chief operating officer, has been sharing updates on the new hospital construction, set to open in fall/winter 2014. These community presentations have brought forward exciting details, as well as offering insightful questions from area residents. If interested in a presentation for local organizations, call Public Relations at (920) 926-4971.

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Are breast pumps covered by my insurance?

I recently was giving my dear friend a baby shower present when she said to me, “I am so thankful that you shared with me the information that my insurance company could pay for my breastfeeding pump!” She proceeded to tell me, “I was actually questioned why I didn’t have a breast pump on my […]

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Activity monitor devices

Remember when the only way to track your activity was a “high-tech” pedometer you wore on your belt? You know, the kind you can shake in your hand to meet your step goal for the day. These devices have come along way over the last couple of years and now can track everything from step […]

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Video Blog: Is It Wrong to Be Rich?

Is it okay for Christians to have great wealth? Are we responsible for others who are less fortunate? Should we strive for success and financial gain? Bishop Don Hying sheds light on these challenging, yet popular questions. Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church (2401).

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History of the Pink Glove Dance

The first Pink Glove Dance video debuted on YouTube® in 2009, featuring 200 hospital workers wearing pink gloves and dancing in support of breast cancer awareness and prevention. Today, the original video has almost 14 million views! This social media phenomenon inspired a national Pink Glove Dance video contest hosted by Medline, the maker of […]

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Wellness Center will be asset to community

“We are very excited about the new facility.  We will finally have a classroom in the Wellness Center to offer a variety of classes.  There will be higher ceilings for throwing, jumping and running on treadmills.  The Wellness Center will be located adjacent to the Rehab department, which allows us to have a patient care […]

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Advanced Treatment of Prostate Cancer with Radiation Therapy

There are many different options for treating prostate cancer.  Treatment options are based on several factors including stage, grade and Gleason score.  It is often helpful to get a second opinion when determining which treatment is right for you.  Most curative prostate cancers are treated by Urologists and Radiation Oncologists. One advanced treatment option for […]

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