March is National Athletic Training Month

By Alicia Belant, LAT By definition, athletic trainers are allied healthcare professionals that collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers to optimize the physical activity and participation of patients across all age groups. Athletic trainers specialize in musculoskeletal injuries and have extensive training in prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency medical issues, as well as […]

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Did you know that March is Women’s History Month?

I didn’t either! It is a month-long celebration of women making history. I learned that the idea of recognizing women’s place in history began with President Jimmy Carter in 1980, when a week was all we got. It took seven years for the celebration to be extended to a full month. I found it interesting […]

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Heart in Hands

Loving Someone with a Mental Illness – Part 1

Does someone you love struggle with a mental illness? Chances are that you struggle too. Follow our four-part blog to help you learn whether your words and actions are helping or hurting your situation. Vigilance versus faith You may find yourself monitoring your loved one’s behavior, looking for indications that things might be getting worse. […]

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Should I be evaluated for a powered mobility device?

Is your walking now becoming unsafe or too slow to get to the bathroom on time? Do you have severe pain in your arms that now your spouse or caregiver has to push you in your manual wheelchair in your home? Are you falling because your legs are just too weak? Do you become so […]

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Are you ready for Daylight-Saving Time?

With the upcoming change of the clocks, our body’s internal clock has no way of knowing about the onset of Daylight-Saving Time. To prepare yourself, consider advancing bed and wake times by about 15 minutes for four nights through March 11. For example, if you normally go to bed at 10 p.m., go to bed […]

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Kick the Habit

NEWS FLASH: Smoking is no longer cool

Written by: Filip Troicki, MD Radiation Oncologist with Agnesian HealthCare Cancer Care It’s official. If you smoke, you are no longer cool. Smoking is out. Cities all across the nation have implemented rules to prevent people from hanging onto the bad habit of smoking. If you want to eat out, go to see a movie, even go bowling, you […]

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Audio Blog: An Interview with Dr. Filip Troicki

Dr. Filip Troicki, a radiation oncologist with Agnesian HealthCare at the Agnesian Cancer Center, discusses the importance of colon cancer screenings, as March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month across the country. Dr. Troicki also talks about fit kits and the Living Smart event taking place the first week of April.

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