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Video Blog: What Happens When We Die?

For many of us, dealing with death is difficult. No matter the circumstances, it’s often hard to say “goodbye” to those we love. In this episode, Bishop Don explains that for followers of Christ, death really isn’t the end. Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1005, 1021).  

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Merry Christmas!

Tips for a Healthy Holiday

The Holiday Season is just around the corner, and with it comes all of our fattening favorites and delicious treats that leave us stuffed with guilt and holiday remorse. Unfortunately that is not all that is left behind.  The US Department of Agriculture estimates that most Americans are left weighing at least 1 pound heavier […]

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Garlic – the super food for fighting cancer

Written by: Ann P Sorgent RN, BSN, Clinical Supervisor – Agnesian Cancer Center A study in China has determined that eating raw garlic two times per week may decrease the incidence of lung cancer by 44%!  Even among smokers (who comprise the vast majority of lung cancer cases), there is a reduction in incidence of lung cancer by […]

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Kuhlmann, Randall website

What is a perinatologist?

Written by: Dr. Randall Kuhlmann A perinatologist – or maternal-fetal medicine specialist – is an obstetrician/gynecologist that has completed specialty training needed to understand and treat complex medical concerns relating to pregnancy that can involve the mother and her unborn baby. These concerns may be obstetrical, medical, surgical, and/or genetic complications, and may occur during […]

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The results of the 2013 Pink Glove Dance are in!

We cannot thank our supporters enough! More than 500 dancers, 1,000 pink gloves, and two weeks of voting later… the results are in. The Agnesian HealthCare and Fond du Lac Family YMCA 2013 Pink Glove Dance video ranked 18th nationwide! Nationwide! We like to think our small community in rural Wisconsin has made the cheeseheads […]

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Christmas Stress

Are Children Affected by Stress During the Holidays?

Written by Krystle Arellano, MA, LPC-IT, Psychiatric Associates Holidays are often associated with spending meaningful and sometimes chaotic time together.  For children and adolescents, this means days off of school and having some fun!  These fun activities typically result in schedule changes and disrupted routines, which can lead kids to feeling some degree of increased […]

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Being mindful of hearing during aging process

Written by: Elizabeth Gorman, Au. D. with Agnesian HealthCare Hearing loss affects nearly 36 million adults in the United States. Impaired hearing may be caused by many things. Older people are the largest group affected by hearing loss. The contributors range from excessive noise, drugs, viral or bacterial infections, head injury or head tumors, stroke and […]

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