Are you at risk for heart disease?

There are many factors that put one at risk for heart disease, which can be broken into two categories: non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors. Non-modifiable risk factors include: age, gender, family history and diabetes.  Women over the age of 55 and men over the age of 45 are at an increased risk for heart disease. [...]

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Leading Inspiration: Q & A About Work-Family Balance

Q: Could you tell me more about the concept “work-family balance?” A: Thank you for your question. In March of this year, President Obama and the First Lady hosted the White House Forum on workplace flexibility. One of the main products of the forum is the comprehensive summary of the current state of work-family issues [...]

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True or False? Stretching makes you look leaner.

True! Our bodies need a balanced workout to be at its best. We need to have cardiovascular work for the heart and the lungs: strength training for the muscles, tendons, ligaments and to build bone density. It also means balance work and of course flexibility training. When we sit, we tighten up or conform to [...]

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Do Radiation Treatments for Cancer Make Me Radioactive?

Contributor: Dr. Michael Vander Kooy, a Radiation Oncologist at Agnesian HealthCare When a person is diagnosed with cancer, radiation therapy is often a treatment option for their disease. The thought of radiation therapy treatments can sound very scary for a cancer patient and their loved ones. Many questions and concerns come to mind when you [...]

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True or False? Exercising increases stress and blood pressure.

False!  We all know that exercise will reduce stress and decrease blood pressure. Exercise releases good chemicals into our bloodstream, endorphins for one. Exercise can be used to decrease the symptoms of depression or seasonal affective disorder by combating the harmful chemicals the body dumps into it with stress and depression.  Exercise also reduces muscle [...]

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Video Blog: What is God’s Design for Marriage?

Who defines marriage? What makes marriage so important—isn’t it just a piece of paper?  People of all faiths—from all around the world—are asking these questions.  Bishop Don Hying shares some Catholic insight on this blessed sacrament.  Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  

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Heart Health: High cholesterol doesn’t come with symptoms

February is National Heart Month, so each Friday in February we will be posting an article about steps a person can take to reduce their risk of heart disease.  Our featured blogger is Kristy Krause, a nurse with Agnesian HealthCare.  Kristy is also our Cardiac Educator. Have you had your cholesterol levels checked lately? And if so, [...]

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