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Fitness Rewards!

If you are getting back into your fitness or just need a new motivation to push you through the holidays, or to a new goal, using rewards is a great way to get started or keep going.  First, setting goals (SMART goals) and using non-food rewards is a great way to keep yourself motivated or [...]

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Leading Inspiration: Q & A About Self-Care

  Q: Being a leader is very exciting and challenging, but it can also be very difficult at times and impact a person’s emotional and physical health, as well as personal relationships. Any self-care tips for leaders as they serve others? A: Thank you for a great question. Here are thoughts from Theo Selles of [...]

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True or False? As long as I exercise, I will lose weight.

True or False?  As long as I exercise to keep my metabolism up, the amount of calories or what type of calories they are is not important. If I exercise I will lose weight. Sorry, false! This is the mistake many people make. They eat too many calories. Then they exercise and eat even more [...]

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Video blog: Stability ball exercise “Russian Twist”

Starting Position: Sit on the ball and slowly walk out so that your back comes in contact with the ball.  Walk out until your shoulders are in the middle of the ball.  Squeeze your butt to lift your trunk into a table top position with knees bent to 90 degrees.  Extend your arms out in [...]

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Video blog: Does Life Really Matter?

The world is so big, it’s understandable that some people feel invisible or even irrelevant. In this message, Bishop Don shows us that even in a world with billions of people, each one of us important.  

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English: McDonalds

Supersized Waistlines of Americans… and 10 tips to shrink yours

Are you like the 60 percent of Americans that eat a fast food lunch at least once a week, or the 25 percent who eat out five or more times because of a hectic life? Although a meal eaten of the run fits easily into a busy schedule, it is not an invitation to eat [...]

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Timely Reminders: Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a time for cheer, joy and excitement and goodwill…or is it? To some, the holiday season means stress, and more stress! It is helpful to identify the sources of holiday stress and find ways to cope with that stress during the upcoming holiday season. Holiday Stressors • Family • Finances • [...]

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