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What is a perinatologist?

Written by: Dr. Randall Kuhlmann A perinatologist – or maternal-fetal medicine specialist – is an obstetrician/gynecologist that has completed specialty training needed to understand and treat complex medical concerns relating to pregnancy that can involve the mother and her unborn baby. These concerns may be obstetrical, medical, surgical, and/or genetic complications, and may occur during […]

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Christmas Stress

Are Children Affected by Stress During the Holidays?

Written by Krystle Arellano, MA, LPC-IT, Psychiatric Associates Holidays are often associated with spending meaningful and sometimes chaotic time together.  For children and adolescents, this means days off of school and having some fun!  These fun activities typically result in schedule changes and disrupted routines, which can lead kids to feeling some degree of increased […]

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Being mindful of hearing during aging process

Written by: Elizabeth Gorman, Au. D. with Agnesian HealthCare Hearing loss affects nearly 36 million adults in the United States. Impaired hearing may be caused by many things. Older people are the largest group affected by hearing loss. The contributors range from excessive noise, drugs, viral or bacterial infections, head injury or head tumors, stroke and […]

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Indoor Winter Workout Series: An Introduction

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing video of some great indoor exercises.  Some will require dumbbells, some may only require the floor. When put together they will give you a complete workout to keep you moving all winter. Before the series starts, let’s talk about the workout plan. For best results, we […]

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Video Blog: What’s Up With Catholics and Saints?

As Catholics, we’re often asked about the role that saints have in our lives. Is praying to them the same as worshiping them? What does it mean for them to “intervene” for us? In this latest C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith, Bishop Don Hying explains the many ins and outs of being a saint … […]

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Mom and Child

Why are bedtime routines for children important?

Many parents try to make a routine for their children when they are young. This helps easing them into bed and going to sleep, which is not always easy. But why is it important? Children are mainly growing and developing, and in order for them to develop normally, they need sleep. If children do not […]

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Agnesian Cancer Center Unveil

The end of chemo?

Written by: Ann P Sorgent RN, BSN, Clinical Supervisor – Agnesian Cancer Center This was the title of an article in the July 29, 2013 issue of TIME magazine, and it provides some interesting thoughts.  Traditionally, cancer patients have been treated with strong medications that were selected for their ability to kill fast-growing cells.  Unfortunately, these medications did […]

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